Mischa barton oc california

A source claims the Mischa Barton, pictured here on "The O.C." and bei 2019, was a "nightmare" on die set von the teenager series.Everett repertoire ; getty Images

Mischa Barton was allegedly a “nightmare” kommen sie work through on die hit teenager soap “The O.C.,” a resource exclusively tells page Six.

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After the actress declared she was “bullied” on die set of the early-aughts show, a resource tells us the crew was frustrated that Barton would constantly “show hoch late” zum filming.

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“So jetzt she wants to go say the she was bullied,” die source continued. “It wasn’t that she was bullied. Human being didn’t evaluate waiting for hours weil das her to zeigen up.”

The source so added the Barton — that played Marissa Cooper till she exited ns series in Season 3 — had a momager who was “annoying.”

“It was a mess,” die source sniffed.

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In a explain to buchseite Six ~ above Wednesday, Barton, 35, said, “There was a gewächs going on. Whether ich was so late or not doesn’t excuse particular behavior native individuals in powerful positions. Everyone experiences jene differently and where i acknowledge some des my past actions may not have been helpful bei certain instances, i will call my fact when ich feel ready.”

However, our source did acknowledge that produziert behavior when filming “The Hills: new Beginnings” an 2019 was like “night and day.”

“She was definitely an ext mature,” the source said. “She definitely was showing trost with in understanding des what produziert responsibilities were.”


Barton said E! in April the “bullying” by “some von the guys on set” left her feeling “really s–tty” und was, bei part, why she decided zu leave die series.

Barton’s “O.C.” co-stars Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke called the actress’ insurance claims “perplexing” ~ above Tuesday’s episode von their podcast, “Welcome to the OC, Bitches!”

“You know Melinda und I to be talking automatically after came out. Und we were nur like, ‘Wait, what?"” Bilson said.

Barton starred on die series through Rachel Bilson, Adam Brody and Ben McKenzie.Warner Bros.

Clarke, who illustrated Marissa Cooper’s mom, explained, “Someone who is 16, 17, 18 — that amount von hours von work, pressure, hinweisen such a young period — hinweisen best, you’re exhausted and at worst, it’s overwhelming und chaotic so, the kinda breaks my heart a little to recognize .”

She continued, noting the she didn’t want to speak on Barton’s behalf, “We knew there was a last of pressure on her but if it was really that bad of in experience, that’s not right weil das any young person. But, some von the comments were really perplexing to me. So, ich don’t understand what ns truth ist about that. I do understand that, yes, this was in enormous amount of pressure zum her. And for everybody.”

Bilson, that played Summer Roberts on die series, added that she and Clarke chose to speak around their feelings bei hopes that Barton may want to come on die show and share her perspective and what she experienced.