Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg Eintrittspreise

There are plenty of ways kommen sie purchase a ticket weil das the Wunderland. You may buy tickets online in advance or make in online reservation. Freundin may also purchase vouchers and receive them durch postal service. In addition we sell tickets weil das special events as well as zum other activities an our beautiful stadt of Hamburg.

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All information, including all questions around your already booked tickets, can be found bei our Covid-19-FAQs.


Throughout the year over there are numerous days, wie more civilization want to enter die Miniatur Wunderland than we can accommodate. Therefore we regularly have what we speak to “waiting time”. Bei order kommen sie avoid wait time you tun können buy your ticket bei advance or do a reservation online. This permits you zu enter die Wunderland conveniently und without ns wait. Tickets are constantly bound zu a time window weil das entry, which you may choose to your convenience. Of kurse you might drop über spontaneously, need to your wanted time home window be marketed out or need to you not want kommen sie make a commitment an advance. We always keep in allotment of tickets weil das our voluntarily visitors, yet these could kommen sie with waiting time. We therefore recommend to check ours rather precise waiting time prognosis.

Money conserving tipp: On many days you will find discount tickets, either really early an the morning or late at night. If freundin are flexible with your visiting hours inspect out die different dates, discounts might vary native day zu day.

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Of prozess you may give Wunderland tickets away as a gift. Either freundin choose a design und comfortably print out ns voucher hinweisen home or sie choose a hard ticket in our online shop, which wollen then be sent kommen sie you von post. Our vouchers are not time bound und therefore valid on any kind of given day. Bei order to avoid waiting time, die vouchers can be set off online an advance.

Naturally we so have vouchers for our popular special events Wunderland punkt Night, large Tubs & small Trains and Culinary trip around ns World. Freundin may purchase these tickets via our online shop.

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Special occasions

Should freundin want zu experience ns Wunderland after ours busy opening hours, us recommend our unique events. We offer three different event formats zum you to experience the Wunderland exclusively.

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Experience die Wunderland an exclusive setting after constant opening hours. Complimentary short tours behind the scenes!

On our webseite we oase some added recommendations zum you, should you want to experience more of hamburg during her stay. Us are in friendly collaboration with other hamburg tourism ventures. Therefore we sometimes get exclusive ticket deals und are happy to re-superstructure these with you. Our tickets for harbor watercraft trips can be validated anytime v all von the complying with barge companies: Ehlers, Abicht, Bülow and Max Jens. In addition castle are also at a reduced rate in comparison zu most von the barge service providers at die harbor. We deshalb provide tickets at a reduced rate zum sightseeing bus tours and the hamburg Dungeon. You may acquisition these tickets online alongside your tickets zum the Wunderland or top top location an our shop.

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