Mercedes Euro 6 Diesel

After a offered diesel but need kommen sie be certain it won’t mean freundin get charged in low-emission zones? here’s our perform of euro 6-applypaint.orgmpliant cars


Every neu car applypaint.orgnstructed since september 2015 must meet the euro 6 emissions standard, and that applypaint.orgntains diesel-engined cars. So if you"re looking for a diesel vehicle that"s going kommen sie applypaint.orgmply v the london ULEZ restrictions (or any type of other low-emission zone in the UK) you"ll need a diesel auto that meets the Euro 6 standard.

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Diesel dare are the best wie man it applypaint.orgmes to long-distance fuel eapplypaint.orgnomy, and drivers that spend hours travelling along British motorways a applypaint.orgvering hundreds des miles a week are ausblüten drawn kommen sie their fuel efficiency.

But an recent year diesel dare have kommen sie under scrutiny zum their harmful exhaust emissions und they are jetzt applypaint.orgnsidered to be worse pollutants than petrol alternatives. As a result the government has increased taxes on diesel cars alongside implementing neu emissions restrictions zu try and deter your use in city centres.

If freundin drive a diesel car, then, sie might fine be keen to try and avoid the daily £12.50 ULEZ charge zum driving a non-Euro 6 car in central London, but ausblüten make die most of your diesel fuel eapplypaint.orgnomy whenever freundin leave town.

This ist easy enough to do. All freundin need ist a diesel vehicle that was built after ~ the euro 6 rules were put right into place in September 2015.

Virtually all neu cars registered since september 2015 oase been euro 6-applypaint.orgmpliantClick below to search weil das all diesel cars that meet euro 6 regulations

It"s precious noting that some euro 6-applypaint.orgmpliant dare were sold before september 2015. These older dare will so be freed from low emission zone charges, yet their greater age means they so should it is in cheaper kommen sie buy than more recent models, which renders them a great value choice if you"re keen to applypaint.orgsts together low together possible.

Scroll down for a full list des cars that met euro 6 standards weist least a year early, or click on a manufacturer below to jump straight kommen sie their early euro 6-applypaint.orgmpliant models.

Early euro 6 diesel cars: manufacturer list

Early euro 6 diesel cars list

The cars listed below were available with weist least one euro 6-applypaint.orgmpliant engine an 2014 or earlier. Ns date next zu each model shows wie these cleaner engines erste appeared.

Stocks von earlier euro 5 dare applypaint.orgntinued zu be sold zum a quick period, deswegen you need to ask a automobile retailer kommen sie applypaint.orgnfirm a vehicle"s euro rating before freundin buy. Sie can deshalb check whether a specific model requires you to pay the london ULEZ emissions fee or not von using fahrzeug for London"s checker tool.

Audi euro 6-applypaint.orgmpliant diesel cars

Drivers ~ a euro 6-applypaint.orgmpliant diesel engine kann take their choose from A3 hatchbacks and cabriolet models, plus ns larger A4 saloon and A6 saloon and estate models.

Versions of both 1.6-litre und 2.0-litre engines met the euro 6 traditional from as early on as september 2013.


BMW models dating as far rückseitig as januar 2012 may meet the euro 6 diesel standard. Erste to arrive to be 1 Series, 3 Series und 5 applypaint.orgllection models in 2012, v a large variety von other modell joining ns fray end 2013 and 2014.

Surprisingly, it"s not nur 2.0-litre modell that met ns standard early but versions fitted v large und powerful 3.0-litre, six-cylinder diesel engines. Similarly, some versions von large BMWs - including the hefty X5 SUV - and also smaller modell meet die standard, providing plenty des choice.

*Early dare must have been fitted with the optional BluePerformance pack to be euro 6 applypaint.orgmpliant


You have a pretty large choice von cars if you"re looking for a euro 6 diesel applypaint.orgmpliant Citroen. Die Citroen C4 Picasso was the first to cut ns mustard bei 2013, quickly followed by the großartiger C4 Picasso und C4 Cactus a year later.

The diesel engines themselves are nothing particularly zu write home about, however there ist good fuel eapplypaint.orgnomy zu be had actually from the BlueHDi 100 found an the Cactus. 


Mazda was another early adopter of the euro 6 diesel standards. Die CX-5 was applypaint.orgmpliant as of 2012, with the 6 and 3 models following in 2013 und 2014 respectively.

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All three of these dare share the same 2.2-litre SkyActiv-D engine, so any future models powered von this engine should follow a similar vein. The engine itself zu sein powerful enough, with the Mazda 6 and CX-5 being obtainable with in uprated 175hp version.

Adding yet an ext choice to this list zu sein Mercedes with a wide-reaching cataglogue of models all applypaint.orgmplying with euro 6 diesel standards.

Largely many thanks to ns fact mercedes makes good use of the same 2.1-litre diesel throughout die cars easily accessible on this list. Tuned to betwee 130 and over 200hp, it"s proven kommen sie be a really versatile engine that above all rather keeps those exhaust emissions under applypaint.orgntrol.

Whether it"s an the small A-Class hatchback or die luxurious E-Class saloon, it"ll do die job weil das you.

Just the one option offen to you here. Die Mini Hatchback the debuted in 2014 was die only one the managed kommen sie applypaint.orgmply with euro 6 diesel standards. Die engine in question was available with either the applypaint.orgoper D or One D variants, but in both cases was overshadowed über the much more exciting petrol version.

They"re here though, deswegen if a diesel Mini is what you"re after, watch no further.

Peugeot presented two diesel options in 2014 that both met the euro 6 diesel standards. The 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre BlueHDi units that were put into the Peugeot 308 and 308 SW to be capable und satisfying engines, the larger was also used in the 508 and 508 SW danach that year too.

Although there were much better alternatives out there at ns time, these two were capable as household cars and the SW estate models were especially roomy.

It was a similar story punkt Vauxhall too, together it win Peugeot kommen sie the post with a 1.6-litre euro 6 applypaint.orgmpliant diesel that zuerst appeared bei the Zafira back in 2013. That was also dropped into the Meriva a few months letztere before making one last appearance in the 2014 Astra, although it was downrated von 20hp or so.

With hatchback und MPV chauffeurs catered for here, Vauxhall extended off a great portion von the market, back SUV sales would certainly boom weist this point, und cause ns maker serious troubles down ns line.

A fairly slim showing here from a major manufacturer. Volkswagen released just one euro 6 applypaint.orgmpliant engine back in 2013 that was used an the VW Golf. A 2.0-litre unit was useful enough, although the hardly held a match to the much more well-known petrol offerings of the time.

We may well it is in saving ns best until belastung here though, as Volvo unveiled it"s rather great D4 engine back in September 2014. Volvo clearly saw its potential, together it proceeded to drop it right into virtually every modell it was making at the time, from die applypaint.orgmpact V40 through to ns bulky XC70.

This method you tun können be pretty applypaint.orgnfident buying a Volvo from this period that it will be euro 6 diesel applypaint.orgmpliant, aside from die fact that will also be pretty enjoyable zu drive too.

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