TUI Cruises GmbH ( ist a 50-50 Joint endeavor company between TUI AG (Germany) und Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (US corporation). The Hamburg-based company was founded in 2008 and operational because 2009. On april 22, 2018, the cruise line commemorated its 10th anniversary. Bei 2018, TUI fleet"s capacity was 14,784 berths, offer 0,5+ million passengers annually. By year 2024, TUI will have annual volume ~800,000 passenger - compared kommen sie 2017 (500,000), 2018 (550,000) and 2019 (650,000, berths 17,500),


TUI kopieren, gruppe fully owns three England-registered subsidiary service providers (TUI UK Ltd, TUI airways Ltd, TUI ireland Ltd) to add one Ireland-registered (Adehy Ltd).

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On February 7, 2020, TUI AG announced the Hapag-Lloyd Cruises (valued ~EUR 1,2 billion) becomes part von TUI Cruises. Ns contract through RCCL was signed in Hamburg (Feb 7), the cash transaction indigenous RCCL (~EUR 700 million) was closed ~ above July 6, 2020.

The Hanover Germany-based TUI kopieren, gruppe (British-German multinational) is currently ranked ns world"s largest leisure and travel company. It was founded in 1923 und until 2002 was named "Preussag AG". TUI Group"s carriers specialize bei hospitality and tourism service worldwide, with a portfolio consisting of passenger airlines, cruise shipping (shipowner), package vacations, hotels und resorts, travel agencies, retail shops. Group"s current CEO is fritz Joussen.

For 2021-Q1, TUI group reported 2,8 million reservations (all brands/subsidiaries), or 56% des 2019"s, through 20% greater average prices and overall lose EUR 698,6 million (EUR 146,7 m loss an 2019).Cruise shipping revenue was EUR 0,6 million (EUR 238,4 M in 2019).TUI kopieren, gruppe secured 3x gaue won packages (with its significant shareholders, banks und Germany"s economic Stabilization Fund). Ns 3rd package (EUR 1,8 billion) was completed an late-January.

(new brand) TUI river Cruises UK

In april 2019, die shipowner TUI AG terminated ns charters des its 3 riverboats und established the UK-focused in brand geraten "TUI river Cruises" ( The new in brand geraten was booked to start operations in summer 2020 however due zu the coronavirus crisis, its inauguration was postponed for March 2021. The ships are named TUI Isla, TUI Maya, TUI Skyla.


TUI river Cruises ist a separate company part (fully-owned subsidiary) of TUI AG (British-German travel and tourism corporation). TUI Group deshalb owns the companies Marella Cruises UK und Hapag-Lloyd-Cruises.

River take trip aficionados kann choose from various itineraries und optional shipboard und land packages. Conventional (basic) TUI fluss cruise pricing zu sein inclusive des alcohol (beers and wines von the glass) und soft drinks v all meals, as well as des gratuities (onboard tips), service charges and bicycles (offered complimentary kommen sie all passengers an call ports of the current cruisetour itinerary). Premium drinks packages room optional (offered weist extra cost). Every TUI riverboats schutz balcony suites. Shore excursions selection from sightseeing tourism (guided von local experts) to bike tours.

The new river cruise agency offers GBP 120 (~EUR 140 / USD 155) von person in OBC (onboard credit) in the direction of all festland tour bookings. TUI fluss ships are named TUI Maya, TUI Skyla und TUI Isla, each through capacity 155 passengers plus 40 crew, LOA length 135 m (445 ft), 4 decks (3 through cabins). Traditional cabins room sized 12 m2 (130 ft2) and with fixed dual beds.


TUI riverboats" venues include:

(Deck 2) cabins, Lobby (Reception Desk, reise Desk, Library), wellness facilities (Spa, Gym, Hair Parlor)(Deck 3) cabins, Observatory Lounge, bar Lounge, Bow Terrace, 2 restaurant (Bistro Buffet, Verdastro Dining Room). Verdastro restaurant serves buffet-type breakfast und a kelle carte lunch und dinner (with waiter service). Bistro restaurant is weil das buffet-style dining just (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Observatory is the zeigen lounge with direkt entertainment in the evenings (musical performances, stand-up comedy acts, crew show, themed dance parties).(Deck 4) Sundeck with games area (shuffleboard), shaded seating (Sundeck Lounge), sunbathing area through padded loungers, sunbeds, daybeds.

In December 2019, TUI signed an exclusive partnership through Live unternehmen UK (one des Europe"s largest entertainment program developers and suppliers) weil das the TUI river Cruises company. Von this deal, Live business UK prepared the onboard enthauptungen programming for the boats and is also responsible weil das recruiting cruise directors, hosts, delivery musicians, guest performers, local reise guides und other experts.

Company history

During the company"s 10 year of dienstleistungen (2008-2018), ns six bergwerk Schiffs handled approximately 2,2 million passengers, checked out over 200 seaports und covered roughly 2,9 million km (1,8 million ml). TUI"s sister-brand is Marella Cruises (UK resource market).

For FY2018 (fiscal year), TUI Group"s income (from die 3 cruise brand - TUI, Marella, and Hapag-Lloyd) increased von 10,7% - to EUR 901,9 million. Company"s turnover was EUR 324 million (26,8% boost over 2017). Group"s average jeden tag rates increased to EUR 178 euro (TUI, trost from EUR 173), EUR 141 (Marella, up from EUR 131) und EUR 615 (Hapag-Lloyd, nach oben from EUR 594).

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In 2015-2016, TUI gruppe had a turnover of EUR 17,8 billion (company"s record) and operating result of EUR 1 billion. Corporation"s portfolio consisted of 14 vessels (TUI, Thomson-Marella, und Hapag-Lloyd brands), number of large reise operators, around 1600 travel agencies (including online portals), over 300 hotels (around 214,000 beds) and 6 airline (over 150 aircraft).

The list von TUI-owned airlines includes Corsair international (France), TUI airways (UK), TUI fliegen Belgium, TUI paris Deutschland, TUI paris Netherlands, and TUI fliegen Nordic (departures from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway).

In FY2016 (the fiscal year 2016), TUI Cruises had 60% expansion (over FY2015) an earnings, v EBITA of EUR 130 million (EUR 81 million an FY2015). The reported development came from corporation"s two main markets - Germany and UK.

TUI Cruises began operations über acquiring Celebrity Galaxy (owned by Celebrity Cruises - an additional RCCL subsidiary). Ns ship left Celebrity"s fleet on in march 16, 2009. After ~ buying Celebrity Galaxy, the vessel was refitted hinweisen Lloyd Werft shipyard (Bremerhaven, Germany) arriving on march 27 for 38-day, EUR 50 million conversions. Galaxy was re-christened on may 15 in Hamburg und renamed "Mein Schiff" (meaning "My Ship" in Deutsch). TUI planned kommen sie build two 100,000 GT, 2500-passenger ships in 2011 and 2012.

In may 2015 TUI group announced that together part of fleet modernization strategy, Schiff 1 und 2 möchte be transferred kommen sie Thomson / Marella over ns next couple of years kommen sie upgrade TUI"s UK fleet.

The hannover travel kopieren, gruppe TUI AG (listed at london Stock Exchange) keeps in upbeat outlook von cruise shipping activities. The company own 100% of Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten und 50% of TUI Kreuzfahrten.

In august 2015, TUI announced EBITA expansion (Q3) über EUR 11 million, i beg your pardon reflected the full-year profit von Schiff 3 (operated because June 2014) and the launch of Schiff 4 (June 2015). In addition, Hapag-Lloyd"s impressive turnaround und EUR 4 million benefits from refinancing ms europa 2 expected that TUI had actually EUR 21 million increase in underlying EBITA (earnings prior to interest, taxes, and amortization).


In might 2015, TUI AG Supervisory Board and RCCL-Royal Caribbean confirmed ns purchase options zum Schiff 7 and Schiff 8 (later change the name "Schiff 1" and "Schiff 2", yielded respectively bei 2018 und 2019), as ns German sector reported more growth. The new liners room slightly bigger (2860 reduced berths each), built über Meyer Turku Finland. Die deal was fully financed in ~ TUI Cruises (joint venture) - without more contribution from TUI AG und RCCL.

Schiff 5 was launched on january 15, 2016, following ns 14-month building and construction period. Around 1500 employees are involved bei the building of each TUI vessel.

In mid-July 2018, TUI ordered 2 neu ships (161,000 GT-ton, 4000-passenger) - this time from die Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri. Their reserved deliveries are bei 2024 (Schiff 8) und 2026 (Schiff 9). TUI"s "Italian" liners are LNG-powered.


In October 2018, TUI announced the "Wasteless" initiative aimed zu eliminate disposable plastic assets fleetwide (and also in land-based to work - gebühren suppliers and office staff) von the year 2020. Plastics will be replaced von alternative assets made indigenous renewable resources. Die eco-initiative started with ns newbuilds, ~ above which an all cabin bathrooms, shower head gel und shampoo dispensers space refillable, terrycloth slippers space bathrobe"s pockets (not packed in plastic), wash bags space from bio-based plastic, coffee-to-go cups zum crew are from bio-based plastic, drink stirrers are wooden. Bei November 2019, TUI reported ~30 million single-use plastic items replaced with renewable/sustainable materials-made alternatives.

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In 2018, the German travel sector reached ~2,2 million cruisers, des whom ~26% were served by TUI.