When used kommen sie its fullest, Media Center kann sein turn your computer system into a powerful home entertainment hub. You tun können unleash ns full power von Media Center von connecting your computer system to bei HDTV und using a Media zentral remote zu control all die action from your couch.

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 A computer connected zu a TV and a Media zentral remote

Another option zu sein to affix your computer to a standard computer system monitor, keyboard, und mouse. You can even stream her media over a house network to an Extender device.

No matter which way you choose, Media hauptquartier keeps sie entertained von letting you:

Watch, pause, und record live TV.

See on slide shows of your photos.

Play any kind of song an your music library, or pat CDs or DVDs.

Setting up fenster Media Center

The zuerst time you anfang Media Center, you"ll see an informational setup page and two setup options. Die quickest an approach is, notfall surprisingly, Express. You kann choose this option jetzt if you want kommen sie jump right in. However, stop walk through the Custom setup options to give sie a much better idea of what you kann sein do through Media Center.

Using a Media hauptquartier remote, drücken sie the green anfang button .

The zuerst time you anfang Media Center, on ns setup page, select Continue, und then select Custom.

When sie reach the page titled Get the Most from windows Media Center, select Yes to allow Media Center kommen sie download album hülle art, DVD cover art, existing TV overview listings, die info from online media services, and other helpful information.


You can also use a computer mouse to open Media Center. Select the Start button , select All Programs, and then select Windows Media Center.

If sie choose the Express setup möglichkeit now, you tun können return to die Custom setup procedure later von following these steps from the windows Media Center anfang screen: role to Tasks, select Settings, select General, select Windows Media center Setup, climate select Run Setup Again.

That’s it zum the required setup options. Ns rest des the setup process ist optional, however there are a couple of items on ns Optional Setup buchseite that could be des interest to you.

Optimize how fenstern Media Center looks on your screen

Display Calibration zu sein helpful zum getting the best bild quality possible on her TV display screen or computer monitor.Display Calibration takes freundin through the taste part of the procedure with a series of questions. If you unsure about the einzelheiten of your hardware setup, such as the benennen of a cable or ns type des display you have, look at die illustrations an Display Calibration—they kann sein help freundin figure the end what type des connection she using. When you’ve finished answering the questions, and you’re glücklich with the way your screen looks, close screen Calibration. If you’re notfall satisfied, you kann sein use ns additional display options under readjust display controls.

 Display Calibration in Media center offers tips zum calibrating your TV or monitor

You kann sein return to Display Calibration any kind of time:

Using a Media zentral remote, drücken sie the green start button .

On the fenstern Media Center start screen, role to Tasks, select Settings, select General, select Windows Media center Setup, and then select Configure her TV or Monitor.

Set hoch your speakers

If your computer zu sein connected zu a surround sound system, you kann sein use speaker Setup. Select your speaker configuration, then usage the test to beat a chime sound. Aufführen closely to each individual speaker zu make certain it’s receiving a signal.

Tip: If you’re notfall getting any sound weist all, double-check that all ns cables space plugged an correctly and that die volume ~ above both your speakers and your computer is turned up. (Even the most savvy computer expert tun können accidentally leave the fenstern Mute möglichkeit on once an a while.) If her computer is connected kommen sie a TV, klasse that many video cards and cable varieties don"t audio signals. You might need to connect ns sound card bei your computer directly kommen sie your speakers.

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You can return kommen sie Speaker Setup any kind of time:

Using a Media zentral remote, press the green start button .

On the fenster Media Center start screen, scroll to Tasks, select Settings, select General, select Windows Media zentral Setup, and then select Set trost Your Speakers.

Set nach oben your media libraries

Each time you anfang Media Center, it immediately scans the Music, Pictures, and Videos libraries on her computer. But what if your music papers are on in external hard drive, or your pictures are on a various computer in your homegroup? nothing worry—Media zentral has solutions.

In Media Library, select the type of media freundin want to add (for example, Music), und then select Next.

Select Add folders to ns library, und then select Next.

Select On this computer (includes mapped network drives), and then select Next.

Browse to ns folder wherein your documents are stored, select the check box next to the folder, and then select Next.

Media Center wollen search ns folder zum digital media. It will also save her folder selections weil das the next time you anfang the program.

 Media hauptquartier automatically scans selected folders zum compatible media files

If freundin want kommen sie import documents from a common folder on one more computer, the process zu sein similar: select On an additional computer und Media Center möchte search zum shared folders fairly than neighborhood ones.You kann sein return to Media Library any kind of time:

Using a Media hauptquartier remote, press the green anfang button .

On the fenstern Media Center anfang screen, scroll to Tasks, select Settings, and then select Media Libraries.

Configure tuners, TV signal, and Guide 

This auswahl only appears an the Optional Setup menu if Media zentral detects a TV tuner. A TV tuner zu sein a hardware maker that you kann connect kommen sie your computer through in internal expansion slot or an external expansion port, such together a USB port. V a compatible TV tuner, you kann sein connect a TV signal kommen sie your computer kommen sie watch and record TV.

TV Setup möchte guide freundin through ns process des setting up a TV signal zu watch und record in Media Center. Wie man you reach ns TV Signal Detection Result page, choose Yes, configure TV with these results, and then Media Center wollen do most des the work zum you.

You tun können return to TV Setup any kind of time:

Using a Media hauptquartier remote, press the green anfang button .

On the fenstern Media Center start screen, scroll to Tasks, select Settings, select General, select Windows Media zentral Setup, und then select Set trost TV Signal.

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Sit back, relax, und enjoy

When you’ve finished setting trost Media Center, select I have finished, select Next, and then select Finish to offen Media Center and start exploring. All von your digital music, photos, and home movies—as well as a variety von online media—will be only a couple of clicks away.