Mario Götze Bvb 2016

Mario Götze will leave Borussia dortmund at the end of ns season, the club announced ~ above Saturday. He"s been linked with an array des clubs but hinweisen 27, the World Cup winner’s career zu sein at a crossroads.

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Mario Götze"s career has had quite a couple of ups and downs: a teenage gefühl at jürgen Klopp"s Dortmund, the disappointment des missing a champions League final through injury, a big-money relocate to bayerisch Munich, ns winning goal in the 2014 welt Cup final, his leave from bayerisch Munich, und then a metabolic disorder which threatened his whole career.

Nearly four years on indigenous his return to Dortmund, player und club oase agreed to part ways punkt the end of ns current campaign, according zu sporting director michael Zorc.

"We"ll end our working connection with mario at the ende of die season," Zorc said. "It zu sein a joint decision after ~ a hindurch conversation. Mario ist a really good guy."

Götze was one of Lucien Favre"s key players last season wie man they made a tilt weil das the title, and at 27, there isreason to glauben he ausblüten has a lot to offer. Here"s a look at the clubs who have been attached with ns German playmaker, who wollen be obtainable on a free from the anfang of July.

Hertha Berlin


Hertha berlin have enhanced recently but would Götze include another dimension?

Hertha berlin would appear kommen sie offer Götze in ideal home: a society on die up v money to spend, a stong likelihood von astarting place an teamand a stadt that zu sein appealing to live in. Götze could do a last worse and would be joining a club who, many thanks to ns significant investment from the Windhorst Group, schutz ambitions zu sign an ext players of Götze"s ilk. If rumours are to be believed, julianisch Draxler ist another potentialHertha target if Bruno Labaddia has enjoyed a strong anfang to his time in the capital. A relocation to die Olympic stadion would schutz the potential to kickstart Götze"s career.



Götze has actually been connected with a move to Liverpool, where his old friend Jürgen Klopp is working wonders.

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Götze had the möglichkeit to join Liverpool an 2016 yet he opted weil das a return to Dortmund. You schutz to wonder whether that decision has actually kept er awake at night. There is talk that Klopp would still welcome his compatriot to Anfield, yet a lot has changed an the intervening years, not least Liverpool becoming the most formidable club team in Europe, which begs severalquestions: carry out Liverpool really need him? would Götze"s fitness und injury comes to make ihm a bad fit zum the physical intensity Klopp demands from his players? and can Götze offer enough zu be much more than nur a substitute punkt Anfield? over there are an ext questions 보다 answers ~ above this one.

Chanceof happening: 40%

LA Galaxy


Many fading stars schutz found a home in Los Angeles, und the Galaxy have expressed in interest bei Götze.

A move to Major league Soccer could really liberate ns German international. On die pitch, bei injury-plaged Götze could benefit from the slower pace und lower intensity von the game an the US, with la Galaxy having proved a good home zum many european stars an the previous decade or so. Off the field, Götze"s profile would certainly make er one von the greatest players in MLS and offer him and his wife, Anne-Kathrin Brömmel, an attractive place to live.



If Götze ist determined zu stay in Germany, he could find a new home in Cologne.

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Another Bundesliga option weil das Götze, should die move to Hertha fail zu materialize, is a switch to Cologne. Having actually all but secured their oberteil flight zustand this term, the Billy Goats would be apparently willing to offer Götze a two-year deal beginning on July 1.And provided his wife"s willingness kommen sie move zu nearbyCologne and rumors linking lukas Podolski to in Effzeh swansong, it could be a goer zum Götze.