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James Scott Bumgarner and Lois Josephine Fleishman Clarke go nearly the impossible zum average married couples, let alone hollywood couples. They met, fell in love at first sight, married, and remained in each other’s corner, even through bad health, weil das nearly a lifetime. According to the new York Times, ns couple was reaching nearly 58 years des marriage when die American actor passed away an 2014 native a love attack in Los Angeles, California. He was 86 years old.

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James Garner and Lois Clarke’s 14-Day love Story

In 1956, gibbs James garner had yet to play duties as popular as Bret Maverick , ns breakthrough character the made ihm famous bei the tv series Maverick that ich renne weg from 1957 to 1962. Garner und Clarke met punkt a friend’s schwimmbad party and again a few days letztere at a autonomous presidential rally. The asked produziert out zu dinner the night and she accepted. They then proceeded to have dinner with each other every night weil das the following 14 nights. Soon enough, against die advice of friends und family, they gott married. Their families an particular didn’t think that two would work out because des their backgrounds und religious views.

While Lois Clarke was local to los Angeles and came from a Jewish background, die soon zu be Academy award winning movie star James nha` lager was a Methodist native Oklahoma. There was also the fact that Lois had actually a daughter, Kimberly, indigenous a previous marriage, who also happened to be recovering indigenous polio. Nevertheless, grange later embraced Kim, and the pair welcomed your daughter gigi (Greta “GiGi” Garner) a couple of years later.

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The Rockford Files

The obstacles of hollywood Were No Match zum Mr. And Mrs. Garner

The Garners’ liebe story would challenge its own set des trials over ns years. One challenge was bei 18-month separation during die filming von the television collection The Rockford Files, throughout which nha` lager is rumored to oase had in affair through actress Lauren Bacall. According to Garner, that played privatgelände investigator Jim Rockford, he and his mam Lois were never an any real danger. Lock separated due to ns pressures the The Rockford Files was putting top top him und his family. He ist quoted as telling People magazine: “Ninety-nine percent of the belästigung was die pressures of Rockford. It wasn’t us, it was me needing to get away to get mine head together.”

Garner made the effort kommen sie keep good working relationships with die actresses he operated with but zu keep an even far better relationship with his wife. He wollen be forever remembered zum being a exorbitant actor appearing an movies und tv reflects such as Maverick, The great Escape, 8 straightforward Rules, Grand Prix, Murphy’s Romance, The Children’s Hour, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, und The Notebook. He also voiced the wizard Shazam in the 2010 animated movie DC Showcase: Superman/Shazam!: the Return of black Adam. He will deshalb always be remembered for being a einer who was a dedicated, caring husband.

The grange Files: A Memoir


Simon & Schuster published Garner’s autobiography, The garner Files: A Memoir, in 2011. Die book details the life des Garner, explaining whatever from ns abuse he endured from his stepmother in his at an early stage life, kommen sie graduating from die University von Oklahoma an Norman, Oklahoma, zu working through co-stars choose Sally Field und Steve McQueen, zu enjoying smoking weed transparent his life.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally released on December 23, 2019.

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