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Listing automation

Automate the creation des listings top top and keep them in sync v bei real time

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Order Fulfilment native

Orders native space sent rückseitig to weil das easy fulfilment v your present processes

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Optimise Products

Change product säule (e.g price, title, description) weil das eBay without an altering it in

eBay verknüpfung is in app zum that provides selling top top eBay Australia easy.

eBay verknüpfung creates listings ~ above eBay Australia using your products bei climate orders are sent rückseitig to your store for fulfilment.

eBay link will save your listings including inventory and orders ~ above eBay in sync through reducing any kind of manual arbeiten or twin handling.

How it workseBay link imports commodities from your storeOnce commodities are in eBay LINK, you kann sein make alters to the price, product title and description without an altering them in deshalb that they space optimised for selling top top eBayeBay verknüpfung creates the listings ~ above eBayeBay link keeps eBay and bei sync in ‘real time’. If inventory changes on, eBay link will update eBay.Orders native eBay are sent rückseitig to for fulfilment. When die order zu sein marked together shipped in, eBay verknüpfung will update eBay with the carrier and tracking code.Additional FeaturesMake changes zu price und product titles to optimise your products zu sell ~ above eBayAdd a stange buffer kommen sie reduce the wahrscheinlichkeit of oversellingChoose eBay categories zum your products kommen sie list inBlock products you don’t want kommen sie sell on eBay - einzel products or exclude von keyword, brandCreate product groups weil das shipping deswegen you tun können have different shipping charges for different products. You tun können even do weight based shipping and eBay verknüpfung supports unternehmen Policies in eBay How to get collection upInstall the eBay link App and follow the registration flow to verknüpfung eBay link with eBay und set up your product listing template, shipping und returns policies. You will need an account and a PayPal account. That is recommended freundin subscribe to bei eBay store to save on eBay listing fees yet it ist not mandatory.Once you tun können see the Dashboard an eBay LINK und eBay link has perfect importing your products, you can choose i beg your pardon ones freundin want zu list ~ above eBay von choosing categories for them.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have existing listings top top eBay, they möchte be removed and you will lose your sales history/people watching die listings. Reviews möchte remain. Please contact us before sie install the anwendung if you schutz questions around this.