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The modular concept from tonnage year"s LG G5 was definitely innovative, however it didn"t schutz much success on ns market, zu put it lightly. Now, ns South korean company zu sein starting out fresh in the hopes des a much more successful year with ns all-new flagship, die LG G6. Die company says it checked off the wish list of things that individuals want kommen sie see an a smartphone, pass us the largest display in the most compact machine - and it seems to be paying off in South Korea, where 20,000 systems were offered on the zuerst day (the LG G5 marketed 15,000 on its beginning day).Here zu sein our full review.

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Small inner memory (32 GB)No DaydreamLarge preis tag

LG G6 release date and price

The LG G6 was zuerst presented attheMobile welt Congress 2017in Barcelona. Ns device is available nowfor between $672 to$729 bei the US, and in two shade variants: Black und Ice Platinum.All significant carriers have the G6, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon und U.S. Cellular.

LG G6 design und build quality

The G5 was a big change an the style und design of what had been up zu that pointquite a successful smartphone generation.With the G6, LG zu sein reinventing itself von specificallytargeting user priorities and preferences. Together a result, the LG G6 has actually a big screen in a rather klein body, and is the first flagship von the brand that zu sein waterproof thanks toIP68certification. Die dimensions von the device are 148.9 x 71.9 ns 7.9 mmand it weighs 163 g.


What zu sein striking around its appearance zu sein its novel design, whichis more elongated and narrower than what ns rest des the industry has actually made us come to be accustomedto.Its frame ist metallicwith curved corners.In call with die screen and the back, ns metal has a klein bevel kommen sie improve ns change des curvature.In some respects, theframe reminds us quite a gewächs of the samsung Galaxy S6. The back of die device ist brushed steel covered bei glass, and it"s a fingerprint magnet.

The LG G6 says goodbye to the friends von the G5, its renowned modules, und has concentrated instead on developing a well-rounded an equipment without any außen features.The bilderrahmen are rather thin, just as they were on die LG G4, and take up almost the entire screen.


The bottom of the frame is very similar to die one we see on ns V20, especially ns slots for the taste speaker.In ns center, there zu sein a USB Type-C jack and on the other side, a microphone.At ns top des the frame we find, thankfully, ns mini-jack zum headphones und a second microphone weil das noise cancellation.


On die back, us find die manufacturer logoand die power taste is stillonthebackunder die fingerprint sensor.On top des this, there is the camera module which has twolenses, one on each side and in the center, ns flash and a lasse focus sensor.

The build quality of the LG G6 is excellent, but die whole surface von the device is a fingerprint magnet, especially the schwarz model. On the white und silver models, the isn"t together bad.

LG G6 display

The display ist one von the most unique points on the LG G6.It has actually a an extremely special style that we have never watched before.Specifically, that IPS LCD screen hasa diagonal des 5.7-inches, resolution des 2,880 ns 1,440 ppi QHD+, which zu sein somewhat much longer than a normal QHD.This method that die format is 18:9, which gives two perfect 1:1 squares wie man viewing two apps an multi-window setting side-by-side.


The G6 is the erste smartphone on earth to oase theDolby Vision color standard, which improves the viewing experience über improving sharpness und enriching colors.This technology ist already found in many movies and videos; and, both amazon and Netflix have already begun distributing videos bei Dolby Vision zum smartphones.

The screen"s corners are curved nur like die corners des the device, which ist a unique touch. This serves three purposes: kommen sie improve ns aesthetics, kommen sie avoid unnecessary touching des the screen when picking die device up by the corners and to provide much better drop protection. Ns funny thing ist that ns corners aren"t perfect round, together you kann sein see below.


To better lakers this detail, we used the app Cornerfly, which ist able zu highlight extra pixels in red. These zeigen a deviation von 20 pixels from a perfectly ring shape. At zuerst glance, this isn"t an extremely visible anyway, however Cornerfly tun können color die pixels schwarze farbe to perfect ns shape dafür it doesn"t acquire on your nerves as viel over time.


LG G6 software

The LG G6 onAndroid 7.0 Nougatbrings a new layer von customization with LG UX 6.0, which ist smooth und minimalist.With this neu version of the interface, ns screen through this unique 18:9 format und the versatilityof Nougat, ns LG G6 is in ideal multitasking tool. This method square camera modules andmore room for split screen apps. The rounded display screen corners match the rounded corners des the UI icons, which aussehen neat.

For pre-installed apps, we find the Play Store, 13 google apps, and a few basic apps indigenous LG: fm radio, in app kommen sie switch from your alt phone zu your new one, LG SmartWorld (for wallpapers, themes and apps) and an app for managing memory and battery usage. Bei addition, there space some third-party apps: Evernote, Instagram und Facebook.


In total, the system occupies 11 GB of the interior storage, leaving around 20 GB free zum your apps und data. Luckily, it has a slot zum a microSD card. LG disabled the option to format it as interior memory, but surprisingly, it"s still possible to store und launch apps from it, though it"s a wenig slower.

By default, there"s no app drawerbut that can be changed bei the setups under the home display screen section. You can select from ns default, "Home", "Easy Home" and "Home and app drawer".


The navigation taste are on-screen und holding down ns center home button will contact up google Assistant. There are some other interesting featureslike: tethering, scaling apps zu take advantage des the complete screen, adjusting ns DPI, ns always-on display and an app bin where deleted apps room held weil das 24 hours bei case we regret getting rid von them.

LG G6 performance

The processor that was finally chosen zum the LG G6 is theSnapdragon 821.We don"t understand if samsung had somethingto do with this decision, as supposedly it had actually dibs on the production of the new Snapdragon 835 until weist least spring.LG hasn"talways brought the latest processor for its flagship devices, together we observed withthe LG G4, which consisted of Snapdragon 808 instead of 810 (due zu its temperature problems) und proved kommen sie be an excellent performer.

For theRAM, there is4 GBand die device comes equipped v 32 GB des internal memory, whichcan so be prolonged withamicroSD map up to 2 GB. There ist a 64 GB version, yet it"s just available in South Korea zum now.


So, die LG G6 zu sein arriving as a deluxe device an 2017, through 2016 specs. In spite of this, performance is great in everyday use und with games. Don"t forget: Snapdragon 821 has good performance. Everything works smoothly and quickly. Die animations to open apps und unlock die device are a bit slow, but that seems kommen sie be caused von the animation design, notfall a lack des power.

The G6 doesn"t assistance Daydream, dafür you"re limited kommen sie Cardboard weil das VR.

Despite how the screen format complicates gaming, there"s not viel to complain about. Die processor und GPU pack enough stärke to run ns most demanding games. LG gives the option to adjust the maximum structure rate und resolution zum games. To be honest, if freundin playa game bei Full HD resolution instead, die difference isn"t the noticeable and the performance is improved.You tun können achieve this optimization in the Battery section des the Settings.

In part benchmarks, the LG G6 meets ours expectations von the Snapdragon 821. Apparently, die software was optimized von LG to make the most of the processor.

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Should die G6 oase had ns Snapdragon 835? It can have, however it might not schutz added much improvement over the benefits the 821 brings anyway.

LG G6 benchmark results

3D unterschrift Sling Shot es 3.13D markierung Sling Shot das 3.03D Mark eis Storm Unlimited das 2.0Geekbench CPU - single coreGeekbench CPU - multicorePC unterschrift Work power 2.0PC unterschrift Storage 2.0Google Octane 2.0Huawei girlfriend 9Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeGoogle PixelLG G6 (US version)

LG G6 audio

At the time of launch, LG claimed that only the Korean model of ns G6 would oase a Hi-Fi 32-bit Sabre32 Quad DAC ES9018S chip, which was disappointing weil das those of us bei other countries since we wouldmiss the end on die elevated audio top quality it offers. But, there"s a glimmer of hope now, together LG has shown that Australia will be acquiring Quad DAC next. Die device will come with doppel SIM, 64 GB von storage and the Quad DAC - i beg your pardon justifiably bumps the preis up to $1,199 AUD, $191 AUD an ext than ns price des the normalerweise device.

Even without ns Quad DAC, die audio quality des both die US und European modell of ns LG G6 space acceptable.


The taste speaker ist a mono speaker, however nevertheless has an excellent sound quality. At high volume, not viel clarity ist lost and there isn"t viel metallic noise kommen sie be heard. Die position von the speaker is its worst attribute, due to the fact that it kann sein too quickly be covered von the hand - especially when an landscape mode kommen sie play games or watch video, zum example. Covering ns speaker almost completely cancels out the sound, as it doesn"t travel through die other holes an the maker due zu its impermeability.

The contact quality ist clear and has good volume, und the noise cancelling ist very good.

Contrary to the globalen market trend, it"s nice kommen sie seethat die G6 ausblüten has a traditional headphone jack, which is located at the top von the device. Through die native music app, ns sound kann sein be equalized manually or through5 preset profiles.


LG G6 camera

The taste camera des the G6 zu sein dual, just likethe G5 und V20.In this case, die two 13 mp sensors schutz a pixel size von 1.12 μm und phase detection autofocus (PDAF), giving amaximum resolution in a 4:3 picture format. Theyare deshalb capable von recording videos in4K.The doppel camera has actually two lenses: awide angle lens capable von capturing 125° v a ns / 2.4 aperture, und a 71° lens with ns / 1.8 aperture plus optical and electronic image stabilization.

The prior camera ist 5 mp with an aperture of ns / 2.2, 1.12 μm pixel size und electronic stabilization. It enjoys anangle von up zu 100°, make itperfect for group selfies.


The LG G6 ist conservative wie man it comes zu noise reduction. This pipeline noise in the image, yet allows zum a better representation of details, und especially in low light conditions, the colors are more true.

With die G6, there ist visible noise punkt ISO 800 (the typical indoor or man-made light setting), even without magnifying die image. Through ISO400, bildern are reasonably clear. The white balance left a an excellent impression. Just after sunset, images oase a bluish tone, but die overall quality zu sein good.


The automatic HDR functions well in high contrast situations. With the HDR setting disabled, you kann see die typical belästigt of smartphone sensors with ns dynamic range under-highlighting die details, though.The G6"s automatic HDR go a good arbeit of delivering brilliant, beautiful images.


In short, LG has chosen kommen sie keep a little noise in low-light pictures in favor des greater detail.As weil das selfies, ns automatic mode does a good job adjusting the brightness deshalb that die face zu sein appropriately bright.


Except for some details, ns interface very closely resembles that presented von the LG G5.We oase four modes: Auto, Square, hands-on Photoand manual Video.In die Automatic mode, we kann choose much more options: Panorama, 360 Panorama, Food, Slo-mo, Time-lapse, Pop-outand Snap.In Square mode,we kann sein makecollagesin 2:1 format.Square camera snapshots wollen work perfectly zum Instagram, und the one-of-a-kind "grid shot" wollen contain lot of squares to show off more photos hinweisen once.

In both Automatic und Manual mode, we kann sein choose indigenous eight shade filters to add a an imaginative touch zu our shots.In hands-on mode(both photo und video), we can adjust die white balance, focus, ISO, aperture und exposure.

With the front camera, we tun können apply a good amount von filters as well as adjust the brightnessand skin tone. There is so a klein drop down menu to quickly re-superstructure a selfie on your social networks.

Gallery of images taken with die LG G6

LG G6 battery

Since the release des theLG G2, us haven"t seen bei LGflagship without aremovable battery. Ns extraction method weil das the G5 wasquite ingenious, however the modell didn"tmeasure up in terms ofits entwurf when compared toits competitors.LG has finally decided kommen sie succumb to the market trend und haseliminatedthe removable battery, yet extendeditscapacity toup to3,300 mAh. Rather a successful step, see as ns battery life ist what appears concernusers most.

Charging zu sein done durch a USB Type-C port the supports rapid Charge 3.0.Thanks zu Type-C, die G6 tun können supply stärke to an additional smartphone.Only die US version des the LG G6 will enjoy wireless charging capability.We have been able to prüfen it, and it charges faster with a cable.


After do the efforts both ns US und European variants of the G6, we kann say the they space both rather good and last with a demanding day von use easily. Favor all high ende smartphones, though, ns powerful processor wollen cost you some battery life.

It is possible for the phone to tonnage through 2 days of normalerweise use, only needing zu be charged by the second night. With a very demanding day, battery life möchte drop to betwee 6 zu 10 hours with intense usage - meaning, a morning of calls, emails and podcasts, complied with by bei afternoon von games und videos. Bei the end, us got 15 hours von use, through 5 hours von display time (as you kann sein see below).The us version des the LG G6 score fivehours und 26 minutes on thePC unterschrift Battery arbeiten 1.0 benchmark test.

Dimensions:Weight:Battery size:Screen size:Display technology:Screen:Front camera:Rear camera:Flashlight:Android version:User interface:RAM:Internal storage:Removable storage:Chipset:Number des cores:Max. Clock speed:Connectivity:
148.9 ns 71.9 x 7.9 mm
163 g
3300 mAh
5.7 in
2880 ns 1440 pixels (564 ppi)
5 megapixels
13 megapixels
7.0 - Nougat
4 GB
32 GB
Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
2.4 GHz
HSPA, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2

LG has actually had to withstand two strong blows through its last flagships.As us know the LG G5 hasbeen much from a success, ending die good reputation the company had come to count on because releasingthe G3 or the G4.With die LG G6, its plain to see that the South korean manufacturer is seekingto gain back user confidence, von hopefully delivering every little thing one would want in a smartphone.

The LG G6 has actually left a very good impression top top us. It has actually a few key points the you kann boast about, together asitsdisplay (with the unique ratio), audio quality (even there is no Quad DAC) and battery (with wireless charging bei the US).The design and water resistance make it a even much more attractive choice. It has some criticisms, though, like just 32 GB von internal storage and no removable battery.

Although it"s a an excellent smartphone, that doesn"t schutz the latest processor und still tote a high-end preis tag. In any case, die price of LG smartphones usually wenn after a few months anyway, dafür that"s wie it will be the best value.

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This testimonial was also made possible by the contributions of Hans-Georg Kluge, Brittany McGheeand stefan Möllenhoff.