Kia Ceed 1.6 Crdi 136 Test

Kia cee’d 2016 refresh her appearance with a facelift. The renewed compact Korean deshalb updates their lines of equipment: Concept, Drive, Tech, and GT Line, are die four finishes that are available. Version GT-Line are new und are based on ns Pro_cee’d GT 204 HP kommen sie offer bei aesthetic, a gewächs more attractive und sporty. This finish ist available bei all the bodies von the cee’d (Pro_cee’d, 5 door and Sportswagon).

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During his presentation we had the opportunity kommen sie perform a test des the petrol engines von the cee’d 2016. That ist to say, the neu three-cylinder 1.0 T-GDi des 100 und 120 HP, along with die already well-known 1.4 CVVT 100 HP. We schutz had ns opportunity des making a new test drive and on this chance we opted for a unit with ns engine turbo 1.6 CRDi finishing with die Tech, which zu sein perhaps ns most balanced of the range, the new change automatic DCT.

After ns facelift, this diesel engine von four cylinders and 1.6 liters has received a new injection system high-pressure oil pump von variable flow in addition kommen sie increase her power of 128 HP at die 136 CV. Like the rest des the propellers des the range zum the compact Kia, meets ns emission standard euro 6.

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In general, ns cee’d CRDi zu sein shown as a car comfortable. Ns suspension offers a great compromise bolzen stability und comfort, just feel vibrations an the interior und the engine has a an extremely quiet operation back yes the comes in the passenger compartment, with an ext sharpness noise aerodynamic and rolling. The seats schutz a plush, firm, maybe auch much, however it depends des tastes.

The mechanical diesel is very refined und can hardly be heard in the cabin thanks to the use of absorbent inhaltsstoff of die noise used in the cylinder block, ns oil filter und the particle filter. It has deshalb been used to a dash of double foam und other insulating materials des the extr noise in the ventilation system and bei the carpet.

this sense von pleasure an driving deshalb contributes to die change automatic DCT dual-clutch seven-speed. It ist a infection developed über the Hyundai group-Kia und that is deshalb used von the Hyundai i30, a model that the cee’d share some of the features.


The modern automatic change von double clutch is the ideologen complement weil das those who seek maximum comfort

With this boxen the steps betwee gears are nearly imperceptible und not schon fast enough also practicing a driving cheerful. Ns changes can also be made bei a sequential path through ns lever or von a cam that rotate an solidarity with ns steering wheel. That is, an short, a transmission is very smooth und recommended that it wollen gradually be extended to other models of Kia choose the new Sportage and Optima.

The case des a dual clutch zu sein exclusive to ns 1.6 engine CRDi 136 HP and can only be verbunden optionally to die two levels of equipment much more comprehensive-Tech and a GT Line-up. Equal devices the adjust DCT has a surcharge des € 1,600 with respect to the change handbook six-speed.

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The engine uses a linear response und progressive. Has good drive from low rpm thanks to the 300 Nm of torque available from just 1,750 rpm. In the version with hands-on transmission will have less speak (280 Nm), but it get its peak to less spin (1500 rpm).

is notfall the only difference an performance des the 1.6 CRDi 136 according to their transmission. The boxen DCT also makes the cee’d ist slower an acceleration native 0 zu 100 km/h, which is encrypted in 10,6 seconds (0.4 seconds more than the manual) and that die use des combined media ist greater the standardization von 4.4 l/100 km (0.4 l/100 km more than die manual).

In any case, die cee’d turbo with transition dual-clutch seems to keep consumption zu sein quite reasonable. During our test, following the path des the company -and as such outside von our normal trips – we oase been maybe to seen that rolling through peace of mind die consumption has actually remained punkt about 5 l/100 km

The actions on the road ist levelled and twisty zu sein quite agile, helped über the neu system des vectoring torque the tries zu keep die understeer by applying some von the brakes on ns wheel inside des the curve. Also so, the cee’d 1.6 CRDi zu sein not a automobile that invites to practice a sports driving mainly due to the fact that the electric stärke steering transmits little feedback ns driver. Yes, her level von assistance zu sein adjustable in three levels.


This version is displayed as a acquisition practical und intelligent


The version that we tested, the cee’d 5p 1.6 CRDi 136 HP DCT Tech ist a success and, probably, ns most interesting von the range. We schutz the diesel engine much more powerful, ns nice gearbox of double clutch and a end up that is very complete. Die system von TomTom hyperplasie is standard in this finish Tech und Kia provides free upgrades zum 5 years.

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The finest thing ist that this version is not lacking anything that is belang is that is on sale for 18.743 euros, a price which may be lowered weist 750 euros, in the case von a benefit from ns Plan PIVE. The price range von the Kia cee’d allow freundin to come up through a relationship price-excellent product, which in addition need to be added ns seven-year warranty the the in brand geraten offers Korean.