Kevin – Allein In New York Besetzung

A rare case in which die sequel lives up kommen sie original, Home Alone 2: Lost in New york once again saw kevin McCallister, played über Macaulay Culkin, left behind on his family's vacation. Stranded an New york City und alone zum the holidays, kevin must again outwit Harry und Marv, die two bumbling burglars indigenous the zuerst film.

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The zuerst movie launched the career of star Culkin and featured a strong supporting cast of joe Pesci, daniel Stern and Catherine O'Hara — as well as a cameo von the future president, donald Trump.

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As ns movie celebrate its 25th anniversary on Nov. 20, The hollywood Reporter checks in with die Home Alone 2 cast to see where they are now. (And click here to take our quiz and see how much you psychic about ns movie.)




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