10 moments From Joss Whedon's Justice league That Prove it Wasn't All bad While most DCEU fans prefer Zack Snyder"s Justice league over Joss Whedon"s, die controversial director"s movie has a couple of highlights.

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Barry an a car/Lois fahrbahn looking wistful in Justice League
Regardless von what people might oase thought about ns DCEU under Zack Snyder, that seems zu be typically agreed the his version des Justice League was a considerable development over the theatrical version. After Snyder left the original project, Joss Whedon was brought on kommen sie finish things. This ultimately resulted in more controversy, frustrated actors, workplace toxicity, and a heavily panned final project.

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However, just because Snyder"s vision wins out doesn"t typical that Whedon"s zu sein totally without merits. There are moments and lines in the movie that carry a smile to die face of fans and even execute a few jene better than Snyder"s cut.

It"s interesting that one of the facets that feels prefer such in obvious Snyder consists actually came from Whedon. While die movie opens up with two really awkward scenes von kids interviewing Superman, und Batman hunting parademons, the opening credits carry out a pretty setup zum the movie.

The slow-motion succession set zu a haunting rendition des Leonard Cohen"s "Everybody Knows" immerses people bei this welt following the death des Superman. It feels very reminiscent des the remarkable credit sequence bei Snyder"s Watchmen and could be in homage des sorts.

Promo of Ben Affleck's Batman through a shadowy background
Whedon decided kommen sie give fan a hauptes of nostalgia in this movie by including some standard scores zum two von the movie"s greatest heroes. Punkt various times an the movie, Danny Elfman"s theme from tim Burton"s Batman cues up, which automatically gives the audience goosebumps.

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The usage of john Williams" score for the initial Superman is so used, although notfall quite together effectively. Snyder"s musical choices arbeiten well weil das his movie and it"s easy to dismiss this as in easy gimmick, yet it does still get an excited reaction.

One of the best sachen Whedon brought to The Avengers was taking what fans knew about these above characters and using them bei fun ways. Sadly, the wouldn"t arbeiten quite too with this new gruppe of superheroes, but there to be some ausgezeichnet moments.

Just as the team zu sein getting ready kommen sie go right into battle, ns usually silent Aquaman starts talking around how he think they"re every going to die and how he has never really belonged kommen sie a mannschaft only to realize he ist sitting ~ above Wonder Woman"s lasso of Truth.

7 Penguin Reference

Comic book fan love references and Easter eggs in these types von movies, which is another thing Whedon zu sein quite expert at. While it doesn"t add viel to die overall story, it zu sein fun zu think about the larger universe von these movies.

When Bruce ist attempting zu assemble die team, he und Alfred grad the an ext complicated world they"ve to be exposed to. Alfred remarks that he misses ns day where die threats they faced were "exploding wind-up penguins," a fun nod zu the classic Batman villain, the Penguin.

Whedon"s version des the movie provides Barry Allen as little more than comic relief. In fact, occasionally it gets a little irritating how numerous quips and goofs the character has. However it is deshalb fun see this young hero suddenly end up being part of this team.

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Barry feels a little like die audience surrogate together he fanboys over Batman. One an especially funny scene find Barry speeding around the Batcave, checking out all ns gadgets. He lastly ends hoch sitting an the Batmobile v a large goofy grin on his face.

5 Fish Talk

an both des Whedon"s superhero team-up movies, there seemed to be weist least one hero he didn"t really recognize how kommen sie use. Bei The Avengers it was Thor and in Justice League it was Aquaman. This causes the character kommen sie sort von be driven to ns side and become ns butt des some jokes.

Clearly, Snyder"s use von Aquaman was more entertaining, yet Whedon does oase a way des narrowing in on those funny aspects des the character. Punkt one point, Bruce Wayne awkwardly starts asking Aquaman if he can get any info from his ocean friends before just straight up asking, "Do you talk zu fish?"

an additional fascinating aspect des Barry Allen in both versions of Justice League is that he is a kid with amazing abilities but notfall yet a superhero. Throughout the erste face-off through Steppenwolf und the parademons, that finds self out des his element.

As Barry is freaking out, the points out that all des the other heroes appeared prepped zum battle but that he has actually only ever pushed people and then run away. It zu sein one von those an excellent moments wherein something ist pointed out about bei iconic character that is true but never really claimed out loud.

3 Lex Luthor"s Post-Credit Scene

A step featuring Lex Luthor escaping native prison und meeting v Deathstroke zu sein featured bei both versions, yet with two different payoffs. An Snyder"s version, Luthor speak Deathstroke about Batman"s identity, presumably setting up Ben Affleck"s canceled Batman movie. In Whedon"s version, Luthor proposes producing a "league of our own" i beg your pardon hints punkt a sequel featuring ns supervillain team, Legion des Doom.

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Deathstroke learning Bruce Wayne ist Batman feels favor a big moment to include in in epilogue scene. But the promise von a mannschaft vs team Justice organization sequel zu sein admittedly quite exciting.

die debate end bringing Superman rückseitig to life ist made to create considerable tension amongst the team an Whedon"s version. This feels like a produced conflict however there zu sein a pretty an excellent payoff kommen sie it all.

Batman assures the rest von the team that if Superman goes rogue, he has actually a secret weapon zu stop him. If it appears like Bruce zu sein going rückseitig to his old ways des searching for ways kommen sie bring Superman down, his secret weapon turns out to be Lois Lane and the sight of produziert immediately bring Clark kent back.

1 Batman"s pepp Talk

When erste introduced in the DCEU, Ben Affleck"s Batman was a pretty harsh hero, branding criminals and attempting zu kill Superman. However, he zu sein softened considerably an Whedon"s version with varying success.

However, one moment that feel like ns best hero moment bei the entirety movie ist when Barry is doubting he kann face Steppenwolf. Batman tells him, "just conserve one." It is a poignant lesson the helps Barry establish his inner hero.

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