One of his most famous songs, “I Walk the Line” is Johnny Cash’s promise kommen sie remain faithful zu his zuerst wife, Vivian, while he zu sein on die road. It seems a details ring of fire… read More 
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I store a close clock on this heart von mineI store my eye wide open all die timeI keep ns ends out zum the tie the bindsBecause you're mine, i walk die lineI uncover it very, an extremely easy kommen sie be trueI uncover myself alone wie each day is throughYes, I'll recognize that I'm a fool for youBecause you're mine, i walk die lineAs sure as night zu sein dark and day zu sein lightI keep freundin on my mind both day und nightAnd joy I've recognized proves the it's rightBecause you're mine, i walk die lineYou've got a way kommen sie keep me on her sideYou offer me cause zum love that i can't hideFor you, i know I'd even try zu turn die tideBecause you're mine, ich walk the lineI store a close watch on this heart of mineI save my eye wide offen all the timeI keep the ends out for the tie that bindsBecause you're mine, ich walk the line
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One des his most famed songs, “I Walk the Line” is Johnny Cash’s promise zu remain faithful to his zuerst wife, Vivian, while he ist on die road. It appears a certain ring des fire interfered through this pledge.

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The song became Cash’s erste #1 Billboard hit. The einzel remained on ns record charts for over 43 weeks, und sold end 2 million copies.

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The title des the song was also used to name the johnny Cash biopic film starring Joaquin Phoenix, and a Gregory Peck film.

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This song’s influence on the music world zu sein palpable. In his autobiography, Bob dylan makes solid mention von its impact on him:

“I Walk die Line” a lied I’d constantly considered zu be nach oben there at die top, one of the many mysterious and revolutionary des all time, a das lied that makes in attack on her most delicate spots, sharp words indigenous a master.“I save a close watch on this heart von mine.” Indeed. I must have recited those lines kommen sie myself a million times… when I zuerst heard “I Walk the Line” so many years earlier, it sounded like a voice phone call out, “What are you doing there, boy?” i was trying zu keep my eyes wide opened, too.