Jochen schweizer base flying

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Base flying in Berlin zu sein a unique way kommen sie experience Germany’s funding outside des its historic sites, soaring downward from one von its tallest buildings. Because berlin is a little hipster favor that, where base jumping off the park Inn Hotel an Alexanderplatz became one des Europe’s best neu additions to ns world of adrenalin-fuelled gravitational fun.


The renowned TV Tower of Alexanderplatz in Berlin, with the park Inn hotel in the background

Base Flying berlin – see the stadt Differently

Different zu Bungee Jumping, basic Flying means that you fliegen horizontally und roped nach oben on a special building – practically 125 meters from the roof of the hotel.


Base Flying berlin platform at the top of the park Inn Hotel

It fascinated me and I figured that ns different positioning of the harness on this (yes, ich studied the website and videos in full detail) placed it in a slightly lower fear classification since you are challenge down, harnessed in the middle und not bounced rückseitig up von a einzel rope.


Altogether the experience big 30 minutes und costs 79,90 Eurosvia ns company, Jochen Schweizer. I felt totally secure bei my harness and it’s all totally tested out zum both comfort und safety before you walk die plank.

The guys oase a good sense von humour dafür any nerves you schutz are instantly put at ease. They also welcome you to schreiend all the way down, an order zu entertain ns crowds below in Alexanderplatz.


Getting prepared for base flying in Berlin

Then die flying position you tested the end becomes fact as freundin dangle up and away from ns plank, trying kommen sie take bei the fantastic city landscape around sie while convert from giddy excitement kommen sie intense pangs des fear.

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What ist it Like to go basic Flying bei Berlin?

And i loved each und every augenblicke of die 10-second adrenalin ride.

Even if sie think freundin are going to hate it, the journey down ist not the long. Except freundin might not hate it weist all. Ich met a girl up over there who was taking herstellung sixth flight. She was addicted to ns rush ofbase flying in Alexanderplatz and even had the dedicated t-shirt to prove it.

The rush des free-falling and complete weightless zu sein immense as freundin navigate through the air high on that feeling sie get wie man your heart skips a beat and your whole body go numb weil das just a couple von seconds.

And then sie land, gift pulled an by 2 people, one des which at some point pulls out herstellung radio and says ‘contact’.

That’s wie man you know you’ve made it as sie look nach oben at the giant hotel structure, savouring a augenblicke you can’t describe since it all happened deswegen fast und then realise the all you are doing is smiling und saying “That was AMAZING!”

I’d carry out it anywhere again, this time v a Go-Pro camera strapped kommen sie my head (since the official video are a little bit pricey).

Berlin can be rich in history, however it’s so got adrenalin in droves. Go gain yourself some und take home a bit von new berlin cool.

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Many thanks to Jochen Schweizer who kindly invited me to try ns base paris activity. All opinions room my own.