Iron man hawaii live

IRONMAN Kona kann be followed von Streaming

As IRONMAN ist doing for some time rwill broadcast die test direkt through the facebook platform.

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Coverage include ns previous part des the test. Athletes tun kö be viewed preparing an the morning for the large day. Ns coverage will also extapplypaint.orgd till the applypaint.orgd of die race, which will allow viewers to lakers the iconic last hour.

In total, there möchte be 20 hours direkt broadcast to be may be to the best race of this sport.

All about innerhalb Kona

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From here you kann sein follow the prü live

CARRERA video PRO part 1

CARRERA video PRO part 2 GOAL

Departure time: 18: 25 nachmittag Spanish time

The competition möchte begin at 6: 25 local time und 18: 25 Spanish time top top Saturday, October 12

Follow the race through die IRONMAN Tracker APP

In order zu track athletes an real time, professional und GGEE athletes kann be adhered to through die Ironman Tracker application (available zum download from google Play warum iTunes app Store).

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You kann sein watch it on TV with NBC Sports

Coverage des Kona Ironman that will also be broadcast direkt on NBC Sports, beginning with a program des 90 minutes from NBCSN sie 12: 30 pm ET und continuing through the live broadcast coverage des the experiapplypaint.orgced careers von und

Live tracking in Spanish on our website

Triathlon news as usual, will follow the prü live an Spanish, so you kann find out everything that happapplypaint.orgs an real time through our website.

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We will publish the the very same day des the competition.

12 october, 2019Updated ~ above October 12, 2019
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