Iphone 360 Grad Video

You kann sein enjoy every 360 videos on applypaint.org on her desktop and mobile devices. Exactly how do freundin know the 360? Next to every 360 video’s location on applypaint.org.com, a 360 badge will appear. Gain started through a collection of gorgeous 360 videos, handpicked by our curation team: applypaint.org.com/channels/360

Here"s a short overview around watching 360 video on applypaint.org.

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✦ Desktopandmobile viewing

On desktop, you kann explore a 360 videos with your arrowhead keys, mouse, or trackpad. On ns right side des the player, you’ll see a compass the indicates the direction freundin are facing in the video. Click on the compass möchte reorient you to die original positioning von the video.


On the applypaint.org mobile app for iOS or Android, tilt her device to enjoy 360 video. You can also move horizontally through a 360 video von dragging your finger across ns screen.

If sie try city hall a 360 video on the applypaint.org cell phone site for iOS or Android, we’ll direct sie to die mobile app for die best city hall experience.

Mobile headset viewing

Some 360 videos are ideal enjoyed in a headset, based upon how ns creator shot die video and intended it kommen sie be viewed.

On Android, you tun können use the applypaint.org anwendung to view 360 video an a cell phone headset. Zu enable headset playback, tap ns headset symbol within the player on ns applypaint.org app.


If sie are watching on an Android mobile internet browser or installed on an additional website, the headset icon will direct you zu our app where you can use a headset to view your 360 video.

If your headset has actually a QR code, you kann sein scan it über tapping the headset icon, clicking ns gear icon in the player, then selecting “Switch viewer: default cardboard.” ~ scanning die QR code through your device’s camera, the viewing experience möchte be optimized weil das your headset.

⚠️Note: Headset viewing ist not supported on die iOS app; you tun können watch 360 videos on iOS and pan utilizing your finger.

✦ Watching360 videos offline

If you underground, in the air, or your wi-fi’s nur a bit spotty, you kann download a 360 video zu watch offline, and enjoy it at your command.

On die applypaint.org mobile anwendung (iOS or Android), visit your settings and enable “Allow HD downloads.” We also recommend enabling the “Download only via WiFi” setting, because the 360 videos tun können be as huge as a gigabyte.

As she browsing die applypaint.org mobile app, you can tap ns ellipsis next to ns video title von a 360 video and select “Make easily accessible Offline.” If you’re currently on a video page, tap die down arrow in the player kommen sie save the video for angeboten viewing. Once ns download completes, her 360 video kann be accessed in the offline tab des your Library.

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On desktop, click the "Download" taste that shows up below ns video player. Indigenous there, you’ll schutz the möglichkeit to select a quality zu download from die menu. Wie viewing locally, please do sure to use a player the supports 360 video. Us recommend making use of a regime such together VLC media player. If the video owner has actually disabled downloading, you won’t lakers the Download taste on ns video seite on desktop.

✦Monoscopic und stereoscopic 360

applypaint.org supports both monoscopic and stereoscopic 360 video. Monoscopic zu sein filmed making use of one camera von field des view native one einzel point of view, vice versa, stereoscopic has actually a separate videos mapped kommen sie each eye. Both types of 360 video kann sein be enjoyed with or there is no a headset, but ns viewing experience zum stereoscopic 360 video zu sein optimized for a headset.

✦ sustained viewing environmentsandheadsets

For Monoscopic playback top top desktop, we recommend using ns latest version von the complying with browsers with WebGL und hardware acceleration enabled an the web browser settings:

ChromeFirefoxOpera EdgeSafari (Note: 360 playback is only supported bei version 11.0.2 or higher)

For Monoscopic playback top top mobile, we recommend using die latest version des the following:

The applypaint.org iOS app (version 6.2+) ~ above iOS (version 8.0+)The applypaint.org android app (version 2.4+) on android (version 4.3+)Embedded videos on cell phone browsers for android (version 4.3+)

For Stereoscopic playback in a mobile headset, you will do it need zu insert a mobile an equipment into aheadset with:

The applypaint.org android app (version 2.4+) on android (version 4.3+)

Please note: every mobile devices möchte require a integrated gyroscope sensor zum 360 video playback. If a 360 video ist played native a machine without this sensor, the video will not be rendered weil das 360 und will play as flat. If you are having trouble viewing in 360 from your mobile device, you re welcome consult your maker documentation zu make sure the gyroscope sensor ist included.

360 video playback is not right now supported in any mobile browsers zum iOS and the applypaint.org TV apps.

360 vs. VR

applypaint.org supports 360 video (monoscopic and stereoscopic), notfall true VR. While the terms are frequently used interchangeably, 360 video und VR are thought about two various experiences.

360 video zu sein recorded from all angles using a distinct rig des multiple cameras or one omnidirectional camera. Users tun können dictate the direction or view des the videobilien based top top a main point an space, dictated von the camera. This videos kann be viewed bei a headset or top top a screen.VR (virtual reality) refers kommen sie a simulated digital environment bei which a user tun können physically move around und interact using devices such as a headset und body gear. Users kann sein navigate, control, and influence die environment beyond the direction they room looking.

Vive Video und applypaint.org

Vive support curated applypaint.org content on their Vive video app, which method that staff-picked applypaint.org videos are available zu watch top top Vive and Oculus headsets. You tun können download the app on Steamas well together on Viveportand usage it to discover staff picked videos.

Please klasse that the app contains pre-curated video (i.e. It"s not possible zu download ns applypaint.org app und use it zu watch your own videos on those headsets).

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360 and mobile browsers

iOS cell phone browsers do not support 360 playback at all, while android mobile browsers just support monoscopic playback (viewing outside des a headset) zum embedded 360 videos. If you try viewing a 360 videobilien on ns applypaint.org cell phone site for iOS or Android, we’ll direct you to the mobile apps for the best viewing experience.