Internet für zuhause wlan

Internet for the house

+ 90 GB – und at LTE speed

+ LTE router including internet Flat

+ Relax and surf ns web punkt home without gift tied zu a contract

+ accessible from profession partners bei selected regions

Du schaust: Internet für zuhause wlan


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* die costs zum the hardware are not included bei the price. Die tariff is only valid bei combination with the hardware. Available weist selected retailers.

+ top up the internet at home option at any time und as often as you want for €29.99*

und upgrade your dünn volume kommen sie 90 GB!

+ additional 10 GB weil das only €14.99Internet weil das Zuhause (€29.99 per 28-day möglichkeit period) available weil das Ortel mobile Datentarif: Up kommen sie 90 GB in Germany with a speed von up to fünfzehn MBit/s (download) and 8.6 Mbit/s (upload), hinweisen which allude this changes zu a maximum of 56 kbit/s zum uploading und downloading. Ns stated speeds are die maximum technically possible speeds in each case. Die average speed that zu sein actually accomplished may differ from this. Billing increment bei 100 KB steps. Möglichkeit only available zum use in stationary LTE routers. If you have sufficient credit, und do not cancel the option von the ende of the period bei question, it will be renewed automatically. The möglichkeit may not be commercialised e.g. Resold or readily available commercially. Die application ist limited kommen sie stationary use, mobile use ist excluded.Mehr internet (€14.99 von a maximum von 28-day auswahl period) available for Internet zum Zuhause option: trost to an additional 10 GB in Germany v a speed of up to fünfzehn MBit/s (download) und 8.6 Mbit/s (upload), at which allude this changes zu a maximum of 56 kbit/s weil das uploading und downloading. Die stated speed are ns maximum technically feasible speeds bei each case. The average rate that ist actually achieved may different from this. Billing increment in 100 KB steps. Die time period zu sein not instantly extended. It ist possible zu register weil das the more internet option several zeit within the option period. However, the internet zum home use option zu sein only valid zum the staying time of the existing billing duration (up kommen sie 28 days).">*) bookable via Ortel cell phone App

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HotlineWould sie like zu buy a router or uncover out more?We look at forward kommen sie your briefe or call:info(at)applypaint.org0177-177-1138*

Top up your creditDo freundin already oase a router and want zu top nach oben your credit?You tun können do that very easily and on-line here: simkarte number zum your router kann sein be found on die sticker under ns router.