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The ideal wireless headphones von 2021 include some von the most progressed audio tools we’ve ever seen. The best part? this wireless headphones come in all shapes and sizes, from ns smallest earbuds kommen sie chunky over-ear headphones that"ll make your music really sing.

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So plenty of options kann mean it’s difficult to find ns best wireless headphones zum your needs, your budget, und your style – und that"s why we’ve created this guide zu help. We’ve invested a lang time trialling die best headphones on the market, which way we understand a thing or two around finding die perfect pair des wireless cans.

The ideal wireless headphones sell a mixture von fantastic connectivity, supreme audio quality, und slick designs – und some of them even kommen sie with nifty extras, including active noise cancellation and AI assistants that you can control through your voice.

After a gewächs of testing, we glauben the overall oberteil Bluetooth headphones you tun können buy right jetzt are the Sony WH-1000XM4. They"re comfortable, they market some of the best-sounding audio des any closed-back over-ear headphones, und they have a ton of features like active noise-cancellation and spatial audio. They"re in all-around winner. That said, Bose nur revealed die Bose QuietComfort 45, ns sequel to die Bose QuietComfort 35 II, und they"re a compelling alternative.

Whatever you"re feather for, we"re here kommen sie help freundin find the best wireless headphones weil das you – und there are plenty of modell to pick from. Zu help sie get started, we"ve split our overview into wireless over-ear headphones, wireless earphones, and true wireless earbuds.

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Wireless over-ear und on-ear modell simply lose ns wire connecting them zu your maker – otherwise, they look pretty viel the exact same as your constant pair von wired cans, and give you ns noise-isolating prowess of regular headphones without the need zum cumbersome wires to connect to your device.

Wireless in-ear models, earphones, or earbuds (depending on your desired vernacular), oase a neckband connecting each earbud, making lock ideal for runners who want die freedom des a wireless connection with ns security of a wire keeping your earbuds firmly approximately their neck.

Finally, true wireless earbuds oase no cables whatsoever, v each bud one of two people connecting to your maker independently, or with one major bud connecting zu your phone, und the 2nd bud connecting to the primary earbud.

Feel free kommen sie jump straight zu style des wireless headphones freundin like best - or check out on for a complete overview des the very best Bluetooth headphones you tun können buy today.

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Over-ear headphones

The best wireless over-ear headphones

Wireless over-ear headphones are ns best selection if you"re looking weil das the can be fried audio quality, thanks kommen sie their large drivers and sound-isolating earcups. They"re also a good choice if sie life kommen sie switch between listening v a wired connection and over Bluetooth, with many offering a 3.5mm audio port and wireless connectivity.