Hyundai Kona Hybrid Test

Highs Cheeky design, gutsy optional turbo engine, plentiful standard features. Lows notfall particularly cargo friendly, vague steering feel, poky traditional engine. Verdict the Kona"s as fun zu drive together it zu sein to look at, making the one of our favorite small SUVs.


When bei SUV delivers together crisp a driving suffer as die 2022 Hyundai Kona, it"s hard to get hung trost on die usual anti-crossover sentiment—so us won"t. Ns subcompact Kona is, simply put, a good package that blends carlike on-road habits with bolder styling, a dose of practicality, and in elevated steering position. Two four-cylinder engines are offered: a 2.0-liter four, which is admittedly quite poky, und a more desirable turbocharged 1.6-liter 4 that delivers a last more punch. Sticking to Hyundai"s value-forward approach, die Kona comes through a long list des standard functions which only grows as freundin move through the more expensive trims—the top few des which acquire downright posh. The Kona is one of the smaller offerings bei the subcompact SUV segment, dafür it gives hoch cargo and passenger space to some von its larger rivals, however we think ns trade-off weil das the Hyundai"s compact package und fun-to-drive natur more than renders up for those shortcomings.

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What"s New zum 2022?

A lot, actually. Hyundai has actually given the Kona a refreshed exterior and interior for 2022, finish with a new front-end treatment that"s even much more dramatic than ns 2021 model. Neu wheel designs, updated exterior light elements, a neu wide-mouth grille, and faux front und rear skid plates space all neu styling features. Inside, ns Kona receive a redesigned dashboard und a few new optional goodies, including a new digital gauge display, wireless smartphone charging, and heated behind seats.

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The standard 7.0-inch infotainment touchscreen has actually grown to a bigger 8.0-inch diameter, and a new 10.3-inch unit zu sein now obtainable as bei upgrade. Top top top von all these changes, a sporty N line trim has actually been included to die lineup v a 195-hp version des the turbocharged 1.6-liter engine; no word yet on the performance-oriented N modell that is expected soon.

Pricing and Which One kommen sie Buy

If it were our money, we"d spring zum the almost loaded limited model, as it offers nearly all von the many sought-after tools without being auch expensive. Conventional equipment consists of a sunroof, automatically climate control, fog lamps, animal leather upholstery, und a power-adjustable driver"s seat. Walking with die Limited also gives us the spunky turbocharged four-cylinder engine that"s mutual with the N-Line trim.

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Engine, Transmission, und Performance

Two powertrains are accessible with ns Kona: SE und SEL models kommen sie with a 147-hp four-cylinder and a six-speed automatically transmission. This setup can use a bit des caffeine; in our testing, in all-wheel-drive SEL model required 9.2 seconds to reach 60 mph. Limited and N-Line models are powered von the substantially peppier 195-hp turbocharged four-cylinder paired zu a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. Die seven-speed dual-clutch automatic shifts quickly und smoothly when you"re rolling, however it stumbles at low speed bei parking too many and an bumper-to-bumper traffic, engaging and disengaging erste gear hesitantly till the treiber offers much more throttle input. The Kona it is intended agile handling und a how amazing amount von fun. This doesn"t translate kommen sie a rough ride end choppy roads; an fact, the suspension supplies quite die opposite, damping out bumps and providing occupants with a cabin that is well isolated indigenous pavement imperfections. Die steering zu sein perhaps ns Kona"s best dynamic downfall: It"s in uncommunicative helm that, despite its heavy-weighted feel, requires frequent corrections wie cruising die highway.