Suicide Squad was, shall we say, notfall universally loved... Yet everyone was at least happy with die idea of continued adventures zum Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn. And that work has jetzt arrived. Here's everything you need kommen sie know about the Harley-starring spin-off Birds of Prey.

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What is Birds des Prey?


Birds von Prey zu sein a Warner/DC movie based on the dc comics series. In the comics, the Birds des Prey space a mrs superhero team with a fluid membership that has actually welcomed, at one time or another, Batgirl, black Canary, Huntress, energie Girl und even Catwoman and Poison Ivy, among many others. Zum the film, ns Birds of Prey wollen include black Canary, Huntress und Gotham Central's detective Rene Montaya. Yet it so serves as a vehicle weil das the return von Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn, ausblüten played by Margot Robbie und this time on ns side of the angels. Albeit possibly angels with dirty faces.

Is Birds von Prey die sequel zu Suicide Squad?


Not really. Birds of Prey zu sein probably best described as a Harley Quinn spin-off. The actual sequel kommen sie Suicide Squad – which in itself is being described as a "relaunch" – is The self-destruction Squad, at this time on its way into manufacturing with james Gunn directing. Margot Robbie will be bei that too, although otherwise the character roster wollen mostly be new. The suicide Squad isn't due till 2021, an interpretation that Birds des Prey arrives first. Its complete title zu sein Birds of Prey (and ns Fantabulous Emancipation von One Harley Quinn). No, really.

Who stars in Birds of Prey?


Margot Robbie is Harleen Quinzell AKA Harley Quinn, the former psychiatrist turn crazed criminal and now turned... Other else. Robbie is also a producer on die film und has been instrumental in its development. Produziert vision was always for "an R-rated girl gang film including Harley, because ich was like, 'Harley needs friends. Harley loves connecting with people, deswegen don't ever make herstellung do a independent film'".

Jurnee Smollett-Bell is schwarz Canary, a Gotham vigilante, generally an fishnets – an the comics weist least. Robbie has promised that die costumes in Birds des Prey will notfall be "male fantasy" or "male gaze-y".

Mary elizabeth Winstead is helena Bertinelli AKA Huntress: one more vigilante and the daughter of mafioso Franco Bertinelli.

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Rosie Perez zu sein Renee Montoya, a detective with die Gotham city Police Department.

Ewan McGregor zu sein Roman Sionis AKA schwarz Mask, a Gotham crime mr who threatens Cain.

Ella Jay Basco is Cassandra Cain, a young girl who zu sein threatened by schwarze farbe Mask.

Chris Messina zu sein Victor Zsasz, a Gotham serial killer who carves a mark on his body for each kill.

Charlene Amoia, Talon Reid, steven Williams, derek Wilson, Dana Lee, françois Chau, Matthew Willig, robert Catrini, und Ali Wong are deshalb in die cast.

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Will Jared Leto's Joker appear in Birds von Prey?



Birds des Prey's director is Cathy Yan, a previous reporter weil das the kelle Times und the wall Street journal who made produziert feature directing debut an 2018 with the satirical Shanghai comedy-drama Dead Pigs. She scored the dc job by impressing ns suits at the pitch meeting.

"The manuscript (by Bumblebee's Christina Hodson) had deshalb much dark humour to it i m sorry a gewächs of my arbeit does," Yan explained bei October 2018, "and there are themes of female empowerment which are deswegen strong and relateable. Dafür I went bei with, not with confidence, but punkt least a feeling that ich belonged in the room... And I was definitely going kommen sie make the best von it. Ich put together a sizzle reel, but ich would speak it wasn’t like a gewächs of other sizzle reels which recommendation other movies that (are) favor your film. Ich find those kommen sie be fairly pointless. I created mine own version that thematically und tonally conveyed what freundin would feeling (in mine movie)."