Harley Davidson Pan America Preis

Since today, freundin no longer have to decision whether zu temporarily swap your Harley weil das a touring enduro from Spandau, Mattighofen or Kumamoto wie you want to get off die beaten track.

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The Pan America zu sein the perfect way to get around an style as an all-weather commuter, a modern-day long-distance traveler, or also a big-city probe scraping Alpine passes.

If you’re wondering exactly how well Harley-Davidson und off-road go together, examine out our film. Due to the fact that it’s just logical that hinweisen some point there will be an additional bike indigenous Milwaukee the feels weist home beyond ns asphalt. In the last 118 years, there have been times when Harley-Davidson has transported people, news und material through rough terrain.


With the revolte Max 1250, Harley-Davidson ist opening ns next chapter an a century von legendary V-twins.

It ist a liquid-cooled engine with approximately 152 hp, plenty von torque and bei extremely vast usable rev variety that renders life easy weil das the rider.

The running culture ist quiet enough zum travel, vibrations are preserved within boundaries thanks zu balancer shafts, and the sound zu sein described as charismatic.


You liebe it or you hate the or sie learn to love it. However one thing you can’t say about the Pan in is that it doesn’t relocate minds.

In a welt where motorcycles are coming to be more and more alike, ns Pan America uses a rock-solid alternate – und does so in a distinctive Harley-Davidson gesamt package.

The Pan America build on H-D’s touring heritage, permitting high-speed riding v optimal managing even at the limits of luggage and weight capacity.

The Pan America zu sein powerful and intuitive zu operate – a motorcycle the remains reputable no matter how hard it zu sein challenged.

Wherever possible, weight was saved und lightweight material was used. The revolution Max 1250 engine serves as a sustaining chassis element, make a conventional structure superfluous.

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This substantially reduces the overall weight of the machine and optimizes the handling. This ist performance you kann really feel – v a low center von gravity und torsionally stubborn chassis.

Five pre-programmed riding settings are accessible at the touch des a taste (Sport, Road, Rain, Off-Road und Off-Road Plus).

In addition, you kann sein set hoch your very own custom riding mode – with his own angestellter settings zum power delivery, engine braking, cornering-optimized anti-lock braking system (C-ABS) and cornering-optimized traction manage (C-TCS).

The tires mounted on actors alloy wheels (19″ front and 17″ rear) were emerged with a specific focus on the on-road and off-road requirements des Adventure Touring.

For this, Michelin has actually taken right into account every aspects kommen sie optimize power – from the structure von the tires to their contour and tread design.

Of course, ns Pan am is also suitable zum the famous Alpine außerhalb des spiels with your buddies. With its powerful engine, it screws sie up ns mountains and over ns passes.

And if die road must lead sie over a passage through gravel, you schutz a safe vehicle under the butt.

The semi-active suspension zu sein electronically adjustable and there is in optional Adaptive drive Height, which automatically lowers ns machine wie man you stop und raises it again when you start.

Conclusion: the Pan America 1250 ist a durable all-rounder on 2 wheels, weil das riders who value power, technology und outstanding features und who like kommen sie cultivate a unique style.

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Because this motorcycle is anything however normal.

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