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Shows how numerous different websites space linking zu this piece von content. Together a basic rule, the more websites link to you, the higher you rank in Google.

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Shows estimated monthly search traffic to this write-up according kommen sie data. The actual search web traffic (as reported bei Google Analytics) is usually 3-5 times bigger.


…then you’d most likely want zu prioritize boosting SEO zum thatpage.

But what if this charme is flawed?

There’s a high risk von making badewanne decisions if you’re thoughtlessly relying ~ above the säule that sie see an Google Analytics. You know ns saying: rubbish in, rubbish out.

This guide möchte help sie minimize charme skewing factors von fixing this mistakes:

This sound trivial, but it’s a common problem—especially ~ above sites that use more than oneCMS.

Thegood news is that Google analytics has lacking code notifications built-in. The bad news zu sein that it’s slow, and may take it weeks to alert you about pages with missing code. It deshalb doesn’t tell freundin about duplicate codes, which ist another common problem.

For the reason, it’s best not to depend on Google’s notifications and instead crawl your site zum errors v a device that permits custom extraction.

Here’s how zu set trost a crawl v custom extraction in Screaming Frog kommen sie scrape both google Tag Manager and Google analysieren codes:


It’s ideal to export the crawl zu inspect die data. You can easily filter absent codes or see duplicates if there are much more columns in the report, e.g., find GTM password 1 und Find GTM code2.


2. Erroneously set trost interaction events

Having sachen like purchases, form submissions, or video plays set nach oben as interaction events makes sense. Castle important zum your business, deswegen the fact that they’re not counted together bounces—even when the visitor just views one page—is fine.

But if you using communication events for tracking occasions that fire immediately on every page, like scroll depth tracking, that’ll result in close-to-zero bounce rates across your entirety website—which isn’tgood.

You tun können easily spot this issues von looking for unrealistically low bounce rates in GA.

If freundin suspect interaction occasions as ns culprit, change die event’s “Non-interaction hit” setup from false kommen sie true an Google arbeit Manager.


If you’re notfall using google Tag Manager, just add one much more line of codeto the GA occasion snippet.

3. Tracking zugriffszeiten from other domains

It’s surprisingly easy zum someone zu screw up your dünn if you don’t take preventative measures. Why? due to the fact that your GA/GTM monitor code ist visible kommen sie anyone who opens up your resource code, deshalb anyone can send hits to GA servers under your verfolgung code.

Luckily, that easy kommen sie prevent this indigenous happening by setting trost a view filter.

This wollen only include hits from your own (sub)domain:


Here’s ns hostname regex filter pattern:(^|.)

4. Monitor your very own sessions

There room a gewächs of irregular actions us make on our websites, und we don’t desire those reflected an ourdata.

So, when we’re setting trost filters, let’s so make sure zu exclude hits from inner IP addresses. It’s easy zu do this zum a einzel IP:


If you need to exclude much more IPs, refer to this guide from Google.

5. Notfall using bot filtering

Google kann sein detect a fair portion des the spam/bot website traffic coming kommen sie your website. All freundin need kommen sie do zu sein to check abox.

You’ll find this in Admin > see Settings:


Note that it’s enough kommen sie check this only zum your main analytik view. There’s no need zu do this zum the life or testing views.

6. Verfolgung spam referrals

Popular websites attract spammy links. It’s nur how sachen are.

Most des these room negligible and bring zero referral traffic, however some tun können send thousands des spammy referrals everyday.

To examine if it is a belästigung for you, set die date range kommen sie three month minimum, then walk to ns Referrals report (Acquisition > All web traffic > Referrals).

Look for shady domains with a high number des referrals.


Don’t click suspicious domains as they might contain malware or spyware. Instead, develop a list und exclude them with a filter (Admin > Filter). Set the Filter ar as “Campaign Source,” then list domains in the Filter Pattern ar separated über a pipeline (|) symbol.


IMPORTANT. Always remember kommen sie verify your filters to seen how it influences your data.There’s a button below ns filters forthis.

7. Sloppy use des UTM parameters

UTM parameters are tags that are appended zu URLs to label various traffic sources. They’re largely used v paid ads und links that would otherwise obtain mixed v organic visits.

Let’s say the we’re running ads top top Twitter. By default, ns traffic would fall under “ / referral”, making any kind of performance evaluation impossible. Deshalb we append UTM parameters kommen sie URLs used for Twitter Ads:


These UTM parameters space then sent to GA servers and used an their particular dimensions.

are sie part of a marketing team?

If there are multiple world handing die performance marketing side of things, freundin need to oase guidelines for UTM parameters unification. To trust me, evaluating performance von marketing networks when die tagging zu sein not unified ist one von the dinge that freundin really nothing want to be doing bei Google Analytics.

When doing this, keep in mind that ns process des adding UTM parameters counts on die advertising platform. Zum example, twitter Ads need URLs that already schutz the parameters in them, whereas google Ads kann sein (and should) be totally automatized.


8. Not excluding questions parameters

Cluttering your (Landing) page dimensions through parameterized URLs kann sein be a nightmare zum any more analyses. It division up the same URL right into multiple rows, i m sorry leads kommen sie splintered metrics.

To deal with this, use ns report filter to nur all parameterized URLs recorded in your GAview.


Then, to keep the buchseite dimensions unified, exclude, parameters that sie don’t want kommen sie see in your reports.

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You kann do it in View Settings:

Just make sure notfall to exclude:

UTM parameters (GA tun können already handle them properly)Parameters you want to track independently (e.g., those zum different assets on ecommerce sites)

If you’re taking care of a vast number of different parameters that you want zu exclude, that better zu use see filters instead. Their flexibility and the option to use continuous expressions do them a far better solution. Follow this guideto set themup.

9. Notfall merging die same sources and mediums

You might have noticed that some of your web traffic sources und mediums space a mess because they’re basically die same thing. Die most typical example zu sein referral traffic from Facebook.

Those weird subdomains are called link shim referrals. Facebook uses them for security und privacy reasons, however they kann sein make analyzing ns performance des a details source/medium difficult.

Remember to verify ns filter kommen sie check the it go what freundin think itdoes.

You should deshalb create a klasse that you’ve merged the traffic deswegen others i will not ~ wonder what caused the change. Google analytics doesn’t apply ns filters retroactively, so you’ll ausblüten have to deal with ns olddata.

10. Notfall using a referral exemption list

When you add a domain kommen sie a referral exclusion list, any type of traffic native it will no much longer be labeled together referral traffic, and will notfall trigger a neu session.

This ist especially useful bei threecases:

Payment gateways. If sie use any kind of third-party payment processors, you’ll likely be redirecting her customers there and back after ~ finishing ns payment. That must be one session under one source von traffic.Subdomain tracking. Subdomains are separate hostnames, und traffic indigenous them would certainly naturally create a new referral session. Luckily, GA submits your very own domain into the list wie creating die property. Leave it there. Und keep the default “Cookie Domain: Auto” too if you ever encounter that an the monitor code orGTM.

You’ll discover this list in Admin > Property pillar > Tracking info > Referral exemption List.

Enter die domains bei the example.comformat to startseite all die subdomains.


11. Verfolgung Personally Identifiable information (PII)

While this doesn’t damage your data clarity, it can cause some serious damage zu your business.

You need kommen sie make certain that you’re not tracking any type of PIIlike emails, phone call numbers, or names. Or also better—adhere to the säule protection und privacy regulations the apply zu your business.

Unfortunately, you may be verfolgung PII without learning it von generating URL parameters with personal information bei forms or elsewhere.

This more than likely won’t be die case if you’re making use of a well-known CMS, but sie should certainly check thisif you oase a completely custom website.

Just to state the obvious, don’t try collecting PII v custom dimensions. Und if you want to check what data websites are collecting, use a web browser extension choose dataslayeror WASP.

12. Not firing pageviews zum Single buchseite Applications (SPA)

Is your website a Single seite Application (SPA)? bei other words, ist it making use of JavaScript zu generate page inhalt dynamically?

If the answer ist yes, then monitor just gott a bit more tricky foryou.

SPAs load whatever needed with the erste pageview und update the content and URLs dynamically. That method GA won’t track any type of subsequent pageviews due to the fact that there are normally no subsequent zugriffszeiten to your servers.

(I’m guilty des overlooking this when developers were progressively switching a project ich was functioning on to die React framework.)

To fix this, you will do it need zu use workarounds that möchte most most likely require aid from developers or GTM experts. If freundin want to learn much more about this, examine out Google’s official documentationand this thorough guide.

13. Notfall having backup and testing views

This last one’s not so much a verfolgung mistake yet rather a ideal practice for handling data in Google Analytics.

Even if you schutz just one account and property, constantly make sure to schutz at the very least three various views:

Master view. You’ll use this one the most through all the desired settings and filters applied.Backup view. A see left through all settingson default. If anything walk wrong v your master view, you’ll always oase all the raw datahere.Testing view.You kann play around with this one to test the waters first. It’s advantageous if you’re not sure about ns implications of tweaking more complex view settings, such as miscellaneous filters.

You can rename views bei Admin > View setups > ViewName.

Just remember kommen sie make theview names as self-explanatory together possible dafür that others using ns account understand them.

Final thoughts

Test, verify, repeat.

Whenever sie make changes kommen sie your GA settings, GTM, or verfolgung codes, sie should take the role of a quality Assurance engineer zum awhile.

That means sie need kommen sie be comfortable functioning with the source code, cookies, und various debugging tools. Ich recommend using die following ones:

Real-time reports bei GA kommen sie immediately lakers the effects des firedtags

Implementing, auditing, und debugging depends on die complexity of your verfolgung needs und code implementation. If you’re notfall using GTM yet, I’d strongly advise you zu make die change uneven your tracking needs room simple.

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Yes, it will take fairly a gewächs of time kommen sie learn if she a beginner. But ns benefits room enormous. You won’t oase to contact developers for tracking password changes, and it’s nur awesome to schutz neatly organized containers, tags, triggers, and variables.