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Du schaust: Google maps 3d button fehlt

A couple von months ago, google Maps on die Chrome web browser lost the "Earth" view mode. I kann no much longer get ns 3D check out or zoom out to see the echt time wolke cover. Every it has zu sein the "satellite" view. At zuerst I believed this was a pest they would ultimately fix, yet nothing so far.

Google maps ~ above Firefox blieb has the earth watch feature for some reason.

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It is ausblüten there, however you schutz to ensure the "Hardware Acceleration" ist Enabled inside Chrome settings:


click nur Advanced Settingsscroll down to die "System" section and check "use hardware acceleration when available"

Then, restart chrome und you have to now schutz the "Earth" option


I have the same problem. Home window 10, Chrome 55, Intel HD4000/Radeon HD7600M. No planet mode an Google Map just Satelite when i open indigenous Chreom (and Opera) yet no belästigt at all when ich open indigenous Firefox, multiple sclerosis Edge or even oldie IE. It"s an extremely weird because when I boot from an additional partition (on my old HDD) with the same drivers and softwares, it works fine . Ich tried all suggestions but blieb doesn"t work.

Just minute ago ich found this suggestion und it addressed my problem. Just enable "Override software rendering list" in Chrome.


The belästigt seems zu be tied zu WebGL being disabled in Chrome ... Die graphics card may be "blacklisted". Shot this:

Type this into deal with bar: chrome://flagsEnable "Override software er hob list" ... Have to be at ns top.Re-launch Chrome.

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Worked zum me...hope that helps.



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