Get Fit Fitness Erfahrungsberichte

If think of rechts tests bring back haunting memories von shuttle runs and bleep prüfung at school, we feel you. Prior to we had control over our own gym workout und home workout routines, viel of what us did was down kommen sie PE teachers and sports coaches, many of whom seemed kommen sie be sponsored über those rage-worthy beeps.

However, don"t switch off completely. Rechts tests are a an excellent way to lakers how you"re proceeding towards your purposes or, if you"re goal-less, kommen sie set benchmarks zum what kommen sie aim for next. And, even if it is you"ve been following a plan (nudge, like our exclusive zu WH four hauptsächlich HIIT plan, nudge) or swinging wild, there"s a fitness test zum everything.

We picked the fachmann brains to find out just how to test your fitness, ns best fit tests to do und what you need to know about testing her fitness throughout pregnancy. Pat on!

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Why it"s deshalb important kommen sie do fitness tests

Exercise is fun, right? Right. But, motivation dips can strike wie we feel as if we"re putting in the arbeiten every day without a proviso as zu whether we"re actually progressing.

Testing our fitness an controlled environments, and taking ns time kommen sie measure our results und keep conditions ns same, kann sein help kommen sie break the cycle of training monotony and lack of exercise motivation.

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OK, This zu sein How zu Calculate a Calorie Deficit

"Fitness tests tun können be a great way zu track her progress," says david Wiener, cultivate Specialist at AI-based fitness und lifestyle coaching app Freeletics.

"A lot of us count on our appearance or exactly how we feel kommen sie gauge even if it is or notfall we are obtaining fitter, healthier und stronger, however fitness tests kann sein give united state more des a definitive answer and so help to set a baseline zum development.

"Measuring your fitness, whether it be cardiovascular or strength ist important together we kann sein get a better understanding of how top top track we are kommen sie achieving our goals, and also motivating ourselves kommen sie reach them."

Plus, if you"re notfall seeing progress in spite of exercising regularly, fit tests tun können be ns catalyst freundin need to switch things up.

"You can’t control what sie can’t measure. Von testing her performance sie are able kommen sie change her training accordingly," motivates trainer jason Bone, Head des Strength punkt FLEX Chelsea.

What are ns most common fitness tests?

Testing your fitness kann fall right into five main categories:

cardiovascular endurance (e.g. Running)muscular toughness (e.g powerlifting)muscular endurance (e.g. Practical fitness)flexibilitybody composition (the ratio des fat to muscle mass sie have)

What you choose to focus on wollen depend on your goals however there are testen to measure them all. Do sure to choose one appropriate for your goals.