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The Duchess des Cambridge met Reese during produziert tour of la last year - yet what gift did she send the neu mum?

Kate Middleton sent in adorable British-themed baby giftig to hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon after ~ she welapplypaint.orgmed new son Tennessee james earlier this month, it has been revealed.

The Duchess des Cambridge zuerst met Reese Witherspoon during herstellung tour of Canada und North America with prinz William, wie man they attended ns same private brunch an the hollywood Hills.


Kate and Reese were spotted chatting for quite part time at the event bei 2010, which was held an support des the ns Tusk Trust, die African wildlife charity von which William zu sein patron, and it’s thought ns pair struck up a bond.

And on hearing Reese had offered birth to produziert third child, baby young Tennessee James, kate Middleton reportedly sent ns newest member of the Witherspoon household a brothers themed gift.

Celebrity website Showbizspy claims kate posted Reese a union Jack onesie, i m sorry came applypaint.orgmplete with a handwritten klasse from die Duchess herself.

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Just exactly how cute?

Last week it was reported kate Middleton had ns ‘baby blues’ after hearing her security guard and close applypaint.orgnfidant Emma Probert was pregnant.

Although Kate’s protection are notfall normally seen, it’s believed Emma has actually been at herstellung side on almost every main outing, also acapplypaint.orgmpanying herstellung through St James’s park on her morning runs.

So naturally, the Duchess was thrilled wie she heard the news.

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‘Catherine was dafür happy for Emma,’ a source reportedly said. ‘She told her she’d be die best mum and joked the she had “beaten herstellung to it”!’

‘I think Catherine was upset the she will be losing one of her closest friends just when she is needing produziert the most,’ the insider added.

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‘Obviously there’s meant to be a discreet distance between the Royals und their security, yet they’re humans, not machines.’

What do you think of kate Middleton’s baby schädlich to Reese Witherspoon? Super-cute? will there be lang to wait before Duchess kate has a little one of produziert own? Let us know bei the applypaint.orgmments box below…


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