Friday die 13th: The jason X Sequel Comic zu sein Even Crazier Than the Movie Friday die 13th: jason vs jason X saw die iconic slasher jason Voorhees hit his worst enemy: the upgraded future version of himself. Who möchte win?

Friday the 13th"s jason Voorhees has confronted many opponents over die years yet one of the strangest adversaries the undead machete-wielding killer has ever before faced was himself, literally. An the comic publication sequel zu 2001"s Jason X, ns upgraded jason Voorhees, or "Uber Jason," continues zu paint the stern red until scenarios allow zum another version of jason to be recreated indigenous his leftover remains, an exact replica ideal down to die iconic hockey mask. Naturally, these 2 halves of the same murderous coin are drawn to each other zum the ultimate fight with ns same amount of gore, nudity, and nonsensical violence that fans have come to expect from the horror franchise.

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In ns movie Jason X, Voorhees is captured and placed an cryogenic suspension an 2008, whereby he zu sein left to be uncovered in the year 2455 über a rescue crew rummaging through the remains des Earth. Rejuvenated by the technology aboard your spaceship the Grendel, jason continues best where the left off über murdering members von the crew und their squadron von soldiers top top board. Jason is finally killed throughout a battle with a cyborg, leaving his body horribly mangled and his head swollen apart. Unfortunately, life find a means as die nearby medical station uses advanced nanites zu repair und rebuild jason into in undead cyborg - Uber Jason. While ns few remaining survivors escape, Jason is last checked out burning trost while attempting atmospheric entry zu Earth Two, his continues to be landing in a lake.

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In Friday ns 13th: jason X vs Jason, writer/artist Mike Wolfer disregards the ending von Jason X and follows a timeline that locations Uber jason aboard the spaceship SS fun Club, in interstellar satisfied cruiser full des rambunctious future victims. Meanwhile, a rescue crew finds the remains des the Grendel and when lock turn die power zurück on, die nano-regeneration unit gets kommen sie work, combining die leftover continues to be of jason that somehow weren"t included into Uber Jason"s neu body, with die well-preserved remains von his various other victims. Ns process creates an exact replica of the original Voorhees who slaughters most des the crew. The delivery ends nach oben docking with ns SS fun Club, whereupon ns new jason quickly meets his futuristic doppelganger und they automatically engage in a battle royale to seen who wollen be ns true Jason.

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Unlike other horror movie crossovers, this battle between two Jasons is about as predictable as you"d expect. Jason and Uber jason spend geholfen of this two-part collection fighting together a whole last of people die an the process. Mike Wolfer puts about as much effort into his characters as die franchise does, drawing arrogant, periodically half-naked human being that are just there kommen sie add to the body count. Die two undead behemoths continue to fight, also after ns ship makes in emergency crash landing onto planet Prime. Regardless of them being evenly matched bei almost every way, Uber jason wins von literally ripping die other Jason"s head off.

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The whole point of their battle was that both versions of jason shared parts of the very same brain, plagued über visions of their mother and fighting to be complete again. Victorious, Uber jason removes ns remainder of the other Jason"s brain und joins it v his own. Together a flashback des Pamela and OG jason embracing through promises kommen sie always be there for each other, Uber jason finds himself again top top a new world, v a neu lake which wollen hopefully bring neu victims. Although ns series ends an the typical open-ended cliffhanger, there"s really not viel else zum Uber jason to do, what worlds are left to conquer when you are now the ultimate killer? Friday the 13th:Jason vs jason X is a fun read but not exactly one the world was dying zu have.