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Brazilian DAAD scholarship holder Isabella Montini met online with German commonwealth President Frank-Walter Steinmeier zum a conversation. She speak with ihm about ns challenges faced über international students throughout the corona pandemic.

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Ms Montini, the German federal President wanted to know indigenous you and other student how you are at this time coping with your studies. What in particular do freundin remember after your online meeting?

Above all his real interest in us. He and his wife Elke Büdenbender yes, really wanted kommen sie know about die difficulties we’re facing und how we find ns teaching. Not much attention is being paid kommen sie young people weist present, so it was nice weil das our opinions kommen sie be heard. He wanted me to act together a representative zum international students und tell er about ours concerns.

The best challenge for me as a DAAD scholarship holder is completing my studies within ns standard period of study. Many lecturers no even set up online teaching bei the last summer semester, since they assumed it would all pass an extremely quickly. I could solid join any courses, as locations were limited, but i was fortunate und will finish my forschung as planned. Some of my international friends aren’t dafür fortunate. There is no a scholarship, they uncovered it challenging financially und therefore flew rückseitig home again.

It’s really daunting working 12 to 16 hours a day an a small room at home an front of your PC. Mine subject is Social Science and it needs me kommen sie write a gewächs of assignments, yet I’m reliant on libraries that are all closed. I oase to research everything via the internet and I deshalb miss die interchange with my lecturers.

As a tutor kommen sie first-semester students, you so know the perspectives des the to teach staff. What ist lacking in digital teaching?

Most students turn their cameras off. I sometimes feel favor I’m speaking through a schwarze farbe hole. There’s very little feedback. I therefore leaving my camera on as a student, because ich know that it helps ns lecturers. Social science thrives on interchange with various other people.

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This 22-year-old college student attended die German school in her home city of São Paulo bei Brazil. She has actually been a DAAD scholarship holder since 2018 und is in the fifth semester of her Social Science studies at ns Humboldt University des Berlin. She is in the process of applying zum a master"s degree an Political science. Montini aspires to in academic career and a professorship. Herstellung research wollen focus on inequality in the geographical area of Latin America.

Student life too zu sein curtailed. Walking to die canteen together, having actually a cup of coffee and celebrating zu sein not nur about having fun, it’s so about building a network that kann sein be important later on in your career. Go that worry you?

I was just beginning to form some friendships wie the corona crisis started. Jetzt it’s virtually difficult to exchange ideas an person. Our parents tell us ns time they spent at universität was the best des their lives. That’s notfall the case zum us. Ich get the feeling the my friendships and my network an Germany schutz stagnated.

We’re at this time witnessing a global state von emergency. Those it like zum you being bei this situation deshalb far from home?

Brazil has been bad affected von the pandemic. It seems zu me together if there’s a large gulf bolzen me and my family. Despite that, ich didn’t want zu rush back home wie man I blieb could, because i was afraid ich wouldn’t be able kommen sie return zu Germany. Ns privileged to be a DAAD scholarship holder – I have funding and a job at the university. My family members doesn’t need to worry about me financially. A freund of mine went rückseitig to Brazil, und now that has kommen sie get nach oben at three o’clock in the morning zu take part an online seminars hinweisen his German university.

A fixed jeden tag routine und making as plenty of appointments as possible every week. I attend online yoga und dance courses, eat healthily and keep bei touch v my family and friends.

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I glauben that solidarity and empathy are really important at ns moment. Die feeling des being together bei this difficult situation unites us. We care about our other human beings und value interpersonal contact more than we did previously. I hope we can retain all of that for the future.

What has life been like zum you during the corona pandemic? Share her experiences, hopes and fears, und network with other alumni.