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Du schaust: Francesco totti cristian totti


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Ilary Blasi Photos: Pictures von Francesco Totti’s Wife

2. Cristian challenged Off versus Lazio zum the erste Time at Age 9


Cristian Totti’s mommy Ilary Blasi. (Getty)

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At age 9 an November 2014, young Cristian walk what his father has made a career out of, beating Lazio. His under-9 team won 3-1 v Cristian scoring ns third goal.

3. Ns Mayor of Rome Announced Cristian’s Birth


Totti through his son bei 2007 as ns No.10 obtain the gelb Shoe award as Italy’s finest player. (Getty)

Cristian Totti was born an Rome in November 2005. The Guardian reported at the time that his father was away v Roma to win a game bei Sicily at die time. Die newspaper to add that the child’s birth was announced by the mayor des Rome, Walter Veltroni, that said, “This ist a an excellent boost zu our city.”

4. Totti Says: ‘My Son zu sein Good But not as good as Me’

Family freundin Walter Veltroni interviewed Totti bei October 2016 und one of the topics was Cristian Totti. His father said des his son:

He’s good, he’s improved. He was a bit much more playful before, just thinking about enjoying himself. The does blieb have a last of fun; ich know what that does with his time. Ich see a bit von myself in him. He’s now showing more desire, an ext passion. He likes the game. That goes training und goes zu play more regularly, and I can see the he mögen it. He’s good, but notfall as good as his dad wie he was young.

When pushed about whether or notfall Totti would want his son zu become a professional, die No. 10 said, “On ns one hand yes, but on ns other, no.”

5. Totti states That He ist Being compelled Out des Roma

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As Totti prepared weil das his last game, it’s being commonly reported that he ist being forced out von Roma. Weist least, that’s what the legend told his mannschaft mates at an end-of-season dinner on might 25. Totti allegedly told his team mates, “These oase been complicated, daunting months. Ich would schutz liked zu help you all more, but sie know how dinge went. Now they’ve required me to stop, and I can’t even think von myself not wearing die Roma shirt anymore. Anyway, thanks to all des you for your kindness.”

Roma space preparing to offer Totti a job in the team’s administration after his retirement. Die official webseite report on the Totti dinner did not mention his assertions.

Totti’s difficulties with Roma’s monitoring were likely notfall helped in September 2016 wie man Blasi referred to Roma trainer Luciano Spalletti together a “little man” bei a Gazzetta Dello sports interview. Blasi said, “I do notfall know anything around football, but the whole situation was surreal. It was like scientific research fiction, i could not glauben it. He was kicked out des his own house. Freundin do notfall do something prefer this. However the fans did notfall abandon him.”

Totti had been dropped upon Spaletti’s return to Roma ~ insinuating in in interview that die pair did not get along. Roma legend Carlo Mazzone has backed nach oben Blasi’s assertions around Spaletti. Despite Blasi letztere said that herstellung difference with Spaletti had been patched up.