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Let"s dance in style, let"s dance for a while,Heaven kann sein wait, we"re only watching the skies.Hoping zum the best, but expecting die worst,Are you gonna drop die bomb or notfall ?Let us das young or allow us live foreverWe don"t schutz the power, but we never say neverSitting bei a sandpit, life ist a short tripThe music"s zum the sad man.Can sie imagine wie man this race ist won ?Turn our golden faces into ns sun,Praising ours leaders, we"re getting an tune
The music"s played von the, ns madman.Forever young,I want to be forever young.Do freundin really want to direkt forever,Forever und ever?Forever young,I want to be forever youngDo you really desire to direkte forever,Forever young?Some are like water, some room like ns heatSome are a melody und some are ns beatSooner or later they all wollen be goneWhy don"t they stay young ?It"s dafür hard kommen sie get alt without a causeI don"t want kommen sie perish like a fading horseYouth ist like diamonds in the sun,And diamonds are forever
So plenty of adventures given hoch today, 1So many songs we forgot zu play.So plenty of dreams winging out des the blueOh, let it kommen sie true!Forever young,I want to be forever young.Do you really want to direkte forever,Forever, und ever ?Forever young,I want zu be forever young.Do sie really want to live forever,Forever und ever ?Forever young,I want kommen sie be forever youngDo freundin really want to live forever?1. Sounds like: "So countless adventures couldn"t occur today"

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Alphaville - tanzen With Me


Patent Ochsner feat. Heidi happy - Durscht & Hunger TEXT


Volbeat - Temple von Ekur TEXT

Fear, command me to ns vaultIt"s been claimed that sky knows I"m lostHelp me to see the bleeding upon the wallsAnd forever damned into ns metaphorsAh, Egyptious

Eskimo Callboy - Pump that TEXT

I wanna feel it day and nightMy workout, my delightYou are die power des my lifeI wanna pump the better

Bastian Baker - leaving a Scar TEXT

I'm just a little highYou're such a burning scarSee I'm 'bout kommen sie lose mine mindYou're about zu leave the scarSo what freundin do... Yeah....You got me through... Hey....Straight to ns heartYou're about to leave ns skar

Glasperlenspiel & Harris & Ford - ihre Mama TEXT

Aber was sagt dein Mama, Mama?""Kümmer dich mal um dein Karma, Karma""Sag mir, was sagt dein Mama, Mama?""Kümmer freundin mal um dein Karma, Karma, Karma""""Kümmer freundin mal um dein Karma, Karma, Karma""

Polo G - Don"t pat TEXT

In a Hellcat, clock me race and driftThat lil" boy a problem, don"t play with himLike to ride in traffic with die Drac" grippedWe"ll wipe his nose favor a handkerchiefSay you ridin" zum him, then sie dyin" for himLike a crash dummy, leave him layin" stiffWe was sellin" white like taylor SwiftPockets weak, that ain"t gott no weight to lift

Bad Buddy collection (OST) - จะไม่บอกใครละกันว่าเธอชอบฉันก่อน (SECRET) (jà mâi... TEXT


Shawna Edwards - wie We Seek er TEXT

If mile lay bolzen us, then I"d walk zu JesusO"er mountain und desert, I"d follow the starBut he doesn"t questioning us zu journey so farFor He will be with us wherever we areWhen we look for Him

Craig david & MNEK - Who freundin Are

Songtext & Übersetzung "Cause the person they every seeDoesn"t matte much kommen sie me (Oh)Already know that you"re a starBut ich just wanna get kommen sie who sie areWho you are, are, are, are, are, areAreAlready know that...

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Shakin" Stevens - merry Christmas Everyone

Songtext & Übersetzung Snow ist fallingall around mechildren playinghaving funIt’s ns seasonlove and understandingMerry Christmas everyone

John lennon - happy Xmas (War zu sein Over)

Songtext & Übersetzung A an extremely merry ChristmasAnd a happy New YearLet"s hope it"s a an excellent oneWithout any type of fearAnd so this is ChristmasAnd what schutz we doneAnother year overAnd a neu one just begunAnd so happy...

Lost Frequencies & Calum Scott - whereby Are freundin Now

Songtext & Übersetzung Hey, it"s been auch longToo lang ago, my loveWhere did we go wrong?Too late kommen sie turn aroundWhere are freundin now?Where are freundin now?Hey, it"s been too long

Roland kaiser & Maite kelly - wieso den hast du no nein gesagt

Songtext & Übersetzung wieso den hast du nicht nein gesagt, es lag allein bei dirMit ein Hauch über fast bitte an, deren wollt" freundin nicht verführ"nWarum hast du nicht nein gesagt, in dem Schatten dieser NachtWir brannten deshalb voll...

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Matteo Bocelli - Solo

Songtext & Übersetzung Feeling dafür far away, much awayBut ich gotta discover my way, discover my wayThey tell me nothing goBut i know the time to goCoz I’m to sing soloI’m singing solo, solo

ABBA - wenig Things

Songtext & Übersetzung Oh, what pleasure Santa bringsThanks, alt friend, weil das packingChristmas stockings full des nice wenig things

Charlie Starmer-Smith - Spotlight

Songtext & Übersetzung dafür shine a light, bright a lightOn die hopeless offer them prideI light a light, shine a lightOn die hopeless offer them pridePlease shine a light

Chris Rea - steering Home zum Christmas

Songtext & Übersetzung Driving an my carDriving home for ChristmasIt"s gonna take part time however I"ll obtain thereTop to toe in tailbacksOh, I gott red lights all aroundBut shortly there"ll it is in a freeway, yeahGet my feet...

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Elton john & Dua Lipa - Cold heart (PNAU Remix)

Songtext & Übersetzung und I think it"s gonna be a long, long time"Til touchdown brings me "round again zu findI"m not the man they think I bei der at homeOh no, no, no (No, no, no, no)And this zu sein what ich should have ever...

Adele - simple On Me Übersetzung in Deutsche

Go easy on me, babyI was ausblüten a childDidn"t gain the gelegenheit toFeel ns world around meI had actually no time kommen sie choose what i chose to doSo go basic on me

ABBA - Don"t shut Me under Übersetzung bei Deutsche

And now You lakers Another, I"ve to be Reloaded, YeahI"m Fired Up, Don"t nah dran Me DownI"m favor A Dream in ~ A Dream That"s been DecodedI"m Fired Up, I"m Hot, Don"t geschlossen Me Down

Zoe Wees - Girls prefer Us Übersetzung an Deutsche

We don"t know who we trustNot evеn die ones us love"Cause lock don"t knowTry to numb this pain"Cause us don"t wanna get hurt againLeft alone out in the rainThey don"t know

Ed Sheeran & Elton john - funny Christmas Übersetzung in Deutsche

So kiss me under ns mistletoePour out ns wine, let"s toast and pray zum December snowI understand there"s been pain this year, but it"s time zu let it goNext year, sie never knowBut for now, funny Christmas, we"llDance an the kitchen while embers glowWe"ve both well-known love, yet this liebe we got is ns bеst von allI wish freundin could seen it with my eyes, then you would knowMy God, you look bеautifulRight now, funny Christmas

Journey - Don"t stop Believin" Übersetzung in Deutsche

Don"t prevent believin"Hold on kommen sie that feelingStreetlights, peopleOhohohhhhhhhhhh

Helene fischer & Rea Garvey - Hallelujah Übersetzung bei Deutsche

I"ve heard there was a mystery chordThat david played, und it pleased the LordBut you don"t yes, really care zum music, carry out ya?Well, the goes favor this, the fourth, the fifthThe minor fall, ns major liftThe baffled könig composing ""Hallelujah""

Jax - prefer My father Übersetzung in Deutsche

I need a einer who"s patient and kindGets out von the car and holds die doorI wanna slow dance in the living room likeWe"re eighteen at senior prom and growOld v someone who provides me feeling youngI need a einer who loves me likeMy father loves mine mom

Elton john & Dua Lipa - Cold love (PNAU Remix) Übersetzung in Deutsche

And i think it"s gonna be a long, lang time"Til touchdown brings me "round again to findI"m not the man they think I in at homeOh no, no, no (No, no, no, no)And this ist what ich should schutz ever saidWhen I"m fallin", but ich can"t dance

Moby - Heroes Übersetzung an Deutsche

Though nothing will keep us togetherWe can steal time just weil das one dayWe tun können be heroes forever und ever

Michael Patrick kelly - Blurry eyes Übersetzung in Deutsche

Oh love, wie the river runs dryIt"s tough to seen through blurry eyesDon"t to speak you"re notfall strong enoughTo let me love you just the way freundin areOh love, wie the river runs highIt"s hard zum me zu watch you cryDon"t say you"re not strong enoughTo let me liebe you just the way you are