Ein lied für israel

The German broadcaster has nur released the seven songs zum tonight"s selection: unsere Lied zum Israel. Aufführen to die songs and vote in our poll

The seven contestants weil das the German national selection "Unser Lied zum Israel" to be revealed an January 2019, und now their songs are out for tonight"s show.

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The songs is selected based on ns voting results of a 100-members european Panel and a 20-members international Jury.

"Unser Lied zum Israel" will be hosted tonight at 20:15 CET, live from Berlin. Hosts are barbara Schöneberger und Linda Zervakis.

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Unser Lied zum Israel – Songs

Aly Ryan – "Wear your Love"BB Thomaz – "Demons"Gregor Hägele – "Let Me Go"Lilly amongst Clouds – "Surprise"Linus Bruhn – "Our City"Makeda – "The Day i Loved freundin Most"S!sters – "Sister"

All lied are from eurovision.de

Germany an Eurovision song Contest

Germany ist a grand old country bei the Eurovision song Contest. They oase participated 62 times since ns beginning von ESC an 1956.

The only year Germany didn"t participate was bei 1996. Front to die competition in 1996, 30 countries had signed up zum participation, so EBU had zu make a selection. Judges from ns countries made a mystery voting, where the 22 ideal qualified. Throughout this voting, die judges only listen to yet didn"t watch the contestants. This turned out zu be highly unpopular, and it was deshalb the only time this method was used. Ns result des the voting was that Germany was ruled out. This was die first und only time Germany didn"t participate bei Eurovision das lied Contest.

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Best result zu sein two victories bei 1982 (Nicole - "Ein Bißchen Frieden") and 2010 (Lena - "Satellite"), und the worst zu sein seven last places. Castle are so a member des "Club Nul Points", v nul points an 1964, 1965 und 2015.




Did sie know...In 2009 Georgia decided kommen sie send the das lied "We Don"t Wanna put In" to the contest an Moscow, yet because des a controversy about the lyrics an the song, EBU banned the lied from participating, if the lyrics was not changed. Georgia refused to change ns lyrics, und withdrew from die contest
Did you know...Austria boycotted die 1969-contest bei Madrid due to the fact that Spain at that time was ruled über Francisco Franco
Did you know...In 2015 Finland"s das lied "Aina Mun Pitää" just runs zum 1 minute und 27 seconds. Die shortest song bei the history of the Eurovision song Contest