Dell inspiron mini 10

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The Mini 10 renders it easy zu stay connected zu your world almost anywhere you go with built bei WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet, connections*. Be there wie you can’t be there with ns built-in 1.3MP Webcam and Skype. Organize die entire family’s schedule und household chores and share media und more using ns Cozi™ family members organizer. And the Mini 10’s small, essentially weightless entwurf lets sie travel light while keeping trost with her blog, video chat, instant messenger and email deswegen you never shed touch through your family und friends.

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The Mini 10 ist designed kommen sie give freundin access kommen sie your favorite entertainment. Wie you’re on the go, you can blieb be connected kommen sie email, social networking sites, shopping und more. Powerful show With long-lasting battery life(*) (up kommen sie 8 hours, 44 minutes), you will do it be able to do more of what freundin want and stay connected(*) longer. Room to StoreWith a standard 250GB tough drive that holds up zu 71,000 image or up to 62,000 songs, it is easier zu access and see life as it wake up on ns go.


The Mini 10 was developed from die ground up to be ns perfect companion, helping sie stay connected* when on the go.Long battery life
No need kommen sie sacrifice portability zum battery life. Ns Mini 10 offers up to 9.5 hours des battery life* ~ above select system while keeping die weight des the system starting at 3.1 pounds. Plus, ns Mini’s new entwurf incorporates a 6-cell battery instead des it getting in your way.Keyboard The Mini 10’s neu keyboard has actually been tweaked kommen sie perfection, and its neu palm rest helps resist fingerprints. Hinweisen 92% the size of a typical laptop keyboard, your fingers möchte be pleased with ns Mini 10’s neu keyboard through curved keys zum a comfortable fit.

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* DataSafe™ Online our optional online backup dienstleistungen offers data protection von enabling customers to zurück up charme to a safe, far storage website using a broadband connection. DataSafe Online is designed to be easy, flexible and secure. After setup, it möchte automatically rückseitig up data and help protect versus software, hardware und catastrophic far Access
Enjoy what’s on your residence PC from virtually anywhere. With far Access* Basic, you kann sein easily access photos, music, movies and more on your home system using an additional Internet-connected computer*. No an ext waiting until sie get home zu get ns files sie need! support Center Our centrally located, easy-to-use application offers personalized assistance resources. Conveniently situated on her PC’s desktop with quick links to service, support and system resources. Helps keep your system up-to-date und running properly through automatically fixes zum common configuration issues. Support

From drivers und manuals kommen sie diagnostic tools and replacement parts, Product assistance has sie covered!