As the actress und scion des one of Hollywood's gelb dynasties turns 30, she's digging into die opportunities die blockbuster franchise has actually afforded her

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Looks tun können be deceiving. Particularly really, really great looks.

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Dakota Johnson wasn't exactly a newcomer wie she landed the coveted role von Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades des Grey trilogy, based on the best-selling erotic novels around a clever but naive college student who's seduced über a perfect-looking millionaire with a fondness for BDSM (or, he succumbs to her charms, whichever) und complications ranging from mild zu absurd ensue on ns road zu their everlasting happiness.

She had actually been acting zum over a decade and, as die daughter des Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, had actually been Miss golden Globe bei 2006. But as the child of actors (and grandchild, Griffith's mother being display legend Tippi Hedren), uncertainty as to what, exactly, johnson was pass to the cinematic arts other than her gorgeousness and her pedigree was unavoidable.

The feverish hype (casting drama, chemistry tests, Valentines' day weekend releases!) linked with the increasingly bemused agree to die films as they rolling out bolzen 2015 and 2018 didn't exactly help her cause—except with visibility, of course, which is, after all, dafür much von the battle an Hollywood.

But, if sie were paying attention zu anything not Fifty Shades-related that was occurring at die same time, you would've viewed that she was quietly laying ns foundation zum the job she does want, long-term.

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"I'm proud des Fifty Shades von Grey," johnson told Vogue UK in 2016 ahead von the relax of Black Mass, the true-crime dramatisch about gangster Whitey Bulger that starred Johnny Depp, bei which she play his girlfriend. "I don't need to distance myself native that. Die more work ich do, the more the general windy sees the different things I kann sein do. Do i think it opened doors? Yeah. An ext people understand my name."

She certainly dug into ns opportunities arrayed before produziert with both hands, modeling, hosting Saturday Night Live and lining hoch other movies, including Black Mass and the comedy How kommen sie Be Single, which coincidentally came about during a window in which she was, bei fact, single.

But when Fifty Shades of Grey might have been a fantastical coming-out party, ausblüten had promo tours zum Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed zu go, however, und the verrotten Tomatoes score went from 24 percent weil das Fifty Shades von Grey to 11 and 12 percent for the 2017 und 2018 sequels, respectively.

By die time die final leg was over, and she was free of contractual obligation, johnson was already 50,000 miles ahead an spirit.

Asked recently if she found herself typecast punkt all after ~ playing die sexy heroine, Johnson quipped to die Wrap that "there weren't a gewächs of huge naked franchises" falling into herstellung lap.

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"If there's a task or a film that has a similar plot line—or i don't know if that would take place again—I'm not going zu steer away from anything," she added. "I want to do everything, und I want kommen sie learn. I learn deswegen much, no matter the project. I feel favor I have no idea what I'm law every time I'm working. It's just what i love, und I hope that i get kommen sie keep law this job, due to the fact that I'm yes, really lucky."

So far, so good, und while it could oase been hard to shake the bonds of association, johnson surrounded herself with people who observed what she was capable of and were happy to continue herstellung education.