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Here are five sachen you need kommen sie know about the covid pandemic this Saturday morning. We'll oase another update weil das you morning morning.

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As thousands des families look zu the anfang of the summer holiday break, numerous will have been left disappointed by the government's latest announcement that fully jabbed tourists returning to england from frankreich will ausblüten have to quarantine native Monday. Adults returning from amber list countries will not need zu isolate weil das 10 days indigenous 19 July. However, France, which ist on ns amber list, will jetzt become die exception due kommen sie concerns around ns Beta variant, erste identified in South Africa. Wales has currently said it möchte take ns same approach. Travel firms schutz criticised ns move, and some Britons have hit out at ns government's approach. Read an ext about how summer vacation rules are transforming on Monday.

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Welsh lockdown rules oase eased further, with six people now able zu meet in private homes. A legislation restricting die number von people meeting exterior has deshalb been scrapped, through outdoor occasions given "flexibility about social distancing" as wales moves into alert level one. Organised indoor events can so start occurring with up zu 1,000 civilization seated und 200 standing.

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The spread of covid19 misinformation on social media zu sein "killing people", united state President Joe stellen has said. His comment came in response kommen sie a question put to him by a reporter about ns alleged role of "platforms choose Facebook" spreading falsehoods around vaccines und the pandemic. Society media companies are dealing with increasing pressure to tackle disinformation, and US health and wellness officials oase warned that ns spike in Covid-19 deaths und infections ist hitting unvaccinated communities. Facebook says it ist taking "aggressive action" kommen sie protect windy health.

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As a young child, john Castle was often out of school help his household run burger vans und rides punkt fairs across ns south coast von England. This at an early stage exposure to die hustle und bustle has actually been attributed with help prepare him zum life as a doctor on the covid frontline hinweisen a liven Brighton hospital. "When I am on the A&E shop floor that feels like i was almost trained zu be there," the said. "The many noises, die sensory overload, ich don't think anything des it. That's what I've constantly known and I thrive in it."