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from 8 p.m. To 3 a.m. The following day and all-day ~ above weekends and also on public holidays, one adult and up kommen sie three youngsters (till 14 years) kann be taken along weil das free. This ticket ist transferable, i.e. An additional person can use it.


Save no much less than 304 €.

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If sie buy a subscription for an annual VBB-Umweltkarte ticket, you kann save bei amazing 304 € on take trip costs.

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Zones traditional fare
Berlin abdominal €86.00
Berlin BC €89.00
Berlin alphabet €107.00
Berlin alphabet + 1 rural ar €142.20
Berlin alphabet + 2 rural districts €176.70
Berlin abc + 1 rural ar + 1 town €176.70

Children age 0-5 travel weil das free. Kids aged 0-5 travel weil das free. This ticket is deshalb available for Brandenburg an der Havel, Potsdam, Cottbus and Frankfurt bei der Oder, 1 landscape district, 2 countryside districts or 1 rural district + 1 town, 2 rural districts + 1 town or 2 communities + 1 countryside district, and for the entire VBB network. Prices und information room available bei the VBB tariff system.

for all public fahrzeug services (S-Bahn, U-Bahn, local train, tram, ferry and bus) an the selected zones.. Ns holder has actually around-the-clock travel zum one month. The ticket ist valid zum one month indigenous any anfang date (i.e. Indigenous 26 january to 25 February). The ticket is available zu everyone und is transferable.



ns holder tun können take up zu 4 persons, by which only one person may it is in older than 14 year old: Monday-Friday native 8pm-3am von the following day, und all job on Saturday, Sunday, 24 December, 31 December und on publicly holidays.




The holder tun können transport wheelchairs or prams/buggies zum free.

This information is valid von ticket and person. Detailed information is available in the terms und conditions of carriage weil das the VBB tariff system.

Fare zones

the tariff area des the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) includes the federal state des Berlin and the state of brandenburg with its governmental districts and independent cities of Brandenburg, Cottbus, frankfurt (Oder) and Potsdam.

Berlin and the bordering regions are split into fare zones a, b and c gegliedert.

Fare zone berlin a has the city center of Berlin, including die S-Bahn-Ring.

Fare ar Berlin b begins outside die S-Bahn ring und reaches zu the stadt limits.

Fare zone berlin c consists of both die outskirts von Berlin and the city of Potsdam.


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Can i take a bicycle weil das free? | VBB-Umweltkarte

No. If sie want to fahrzeug a bicycle, sie need a bicycle ticketthat matches your own ticket"s fare type.

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Can i take someone else zum free? | VBB-Umweltkarte

You kann sein take one adult and up kommen sie three children (aged 6-14) zum free together follows: Monday-Friday from 8pm-3am of the following day, und all job on Saturday, Sunday, 24 December, 31 December and on windy holidays.

Do I have to validate ns ticket? | VBB-Umweltkarte

No. Die ticket is already valid zum the important period von time wie issued.


The VBB-Fare Explained

Learn exciting facts about the VBB fare und its benefits.

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