Bottom of the world film

What ~ above earth was that entire film about, sie ask? Bottom of The World zu sein a 2017 psychological drama directed von Richard Sears. The plot follows Alex, who zu sein searching zum his girlfriend that goes missing after a night an a klein town on route 66. Together his hunting progresses, his own reality becomes questionable. Die cast of Bottom von The welt has Douglas Smith und Jena Malone (from Neon Demon) an the top roles. This is Barry, welcome to my site and here’s the 2017 Netflix film Bottom von The welt explained, spoiler’s ahead. Thanks zum the recommendation, Sally.

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What zu sein Bottom des The welt about bei a nutshell?

The story is about the guilt des a heinous crime committed von Scarlett leading produziert to become a depressed alcoholic, and finally taking herstellung own life. Die entire movie und its characters are gift from within Scartett’s subconscious. Yes, none of the characters in the film is real, they space all figments of Scarlett’s thoughts and feelings.

Bottom des The World: Plot Explained

Who is Alex?

Alex zu sein a part of her conscience, her mental confession booth, the man in the mirror. Die entire film is presented from the perspective von Alex, the teil of her mind continually trying kommen sie resurface Scarlett’s crime. In reality, Alex is Wayne, Scarlett’s cousin.


The confession: What has Scarlett done?

When Alex, Scarlett’s conscience, asks produziert what the most damaging thing she’s done bei her life is, Scarlett ends nach oben bringing forth her guilt weil das murdering herstellung cousin. Und this was no rapid kill. Wayne, her cousin, had full body paralysis because des a car accident. Scarlett, who was supposed zu be acquisition care des him, subjected ns boy to all kinds des torture end a lang period because she believed it was fun. Eventually, Scarlett tossed him in a fire pit und then buried ihm alive. She blamed that event on a missing intruder who killed Wayne und supposedly raped her. She basked in the pity and condolences that people gave her.

After informing one part des this story kommen sie Alex, she laughs it off. She’s notfall able to get to ns portion where she murdered Wayne. She’s unable to face that teil of her heinous past.

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Unable to leave town!

I would certainly reckon ns town stands as a metaphor weil das the guilt of her crime. Every time castle try to drive out, die guilt of notfall facing die consequences of her actions weighs under upon her. She says, “I feel favor I’m gift crushed and then I’m falling 1000 feet from ns sky“. She’s reeled rückseitig by the town, unable to escape the guilt des murder.

Who ist the preacher?

The preacher on die TV channel appears zu be Scarlett’s father in real life. He represents the word von truth. Ns truth the Scarlett can never hide from die consequences of the crime she has committed. If you grad the lines he recites, it’s all around how one needs kommen sie face their sins.


Hooded einer The desert

Scarlet conjured nach oben a fake mysterious hooded einer who was responsible zum Wayne’s death. This hooded man, this lie, now lives in the core of her subconscious. He ist the part of Scarlett’s mental that zu sein furious because des what she’s done. It’s the part of her psyche the wants her to pay the price weil das tormenting and taking in innocent, impaired boy’s life. When ns hooded einer says the he has buried Scarlett underground and yet she’s alive, he’s referring zu the depression he has actually plunged Scarlett into.

What happens at the church?

When Scarlett disappears into die deeper crevices of produziert subconscious, die movie complies with Alex, the teil of her conscience looking zum answers and closure. After a conversation with die preacher, Alex gets a wenig hint that he ist part of Scarlett’s dream. The preacher climate shoots Alex, who gets tossed from ns church kommen sie a modern-day home living v his wife. Here, we see that Scarlett zu sein his neighbour. When Alex ausblüten remembers Scarlett as his girlfriend, she treats er merely together a snoopy neighbour. This is Scarlett avoiding the voice of herstellung conscience.


What’s the relevance von the rotten pea?

Alex zu sein trying kommen sie assess if he is actually in someone else’s dream. He sorts through a tun können of peas und notices that one pea ist rotten. Alex marvels why that would be so, why would Scarlett’s mind ar one verrotten pea? wie man people dream des a kann of peas, they would all normally be fresh. Well, the rest des the peas is a facade weil das that one rotten thing the Scarlett has actually done.

The case with photographs

The situation that Scarlett keeps locked away includes the nachrichten clipping about the mysterious hooded man und various pictures des Scarlett’s cousin. Ns folder zu sein a set of repressed memories that space being unearthed von her conscience. Once Alex takes a watch at ns contents von the case, the realises what she has actually done. Alex knocks Scarlett’s dad down und takes produziert to the location in the photo with Wayne. This ar appears to be her childhood home, wherein she murdered him.

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Bottom des The World: ending Explained

The ending of Bottom von the world reveals the Scarlett had actually actually tortured und killed her cousin. She’s been struggling with depression ever since. Alex, in the form of Wayne, represents ns final layer of herstellung mind shielded from die truth. Gift consumed über the agony of herstellung actions, she decides to end her life. Alex unearthing Wayne’s bone, getting a confession native Scarlett, to mark Scarlett with a shovel und burying her bei the desert are all a metaphorical representation of Scarlett’s anguish and subsequent suicide. She wants kommen sie perceive herstellung death together Wayne’s act des revenge. The film ends von disclosing that Alex und the Hooded einer were merely different parts von Scarlett’s conscience continuous amplifying herstellung guilt, pushing produziert to commit suicide.