Bose’s original true wireless earbuds, die SoundSport Free, sounded terrific but to be foiled über connectivity problems und audio / videos sync problems that die company never completely resolved. They also lacked active noise cancellation, which ist the feature that Bose built its entire brand around. This enabled Apple, Sony, und others zu seize die market with assets like the AirPods Pro und WF-1000XM3 earbuds.

But Bose is tired von ceding ground zu its competitors, and it’s went back with die QuietComfort Earbuds. Thanks kommen sie their fully redone design, ns QuietComfort Earbuds are free from die frustrations that came with the SoundSport complimentary buds. They ausblüten sound an excellent — und now, they’ve gott ANC. It took Bose a while to get here, but the QuietComfort Earbuds deliver die best noise cancellation you kann get in true wireless earbuds appropriate now.

our review of Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Verge Score 8.5 out des 10
Apple’s AirPods pro are smaller and lighter than ns QuietComfort Earbuds, but their noise cancellation isn’t as good.

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But also if they’re notfall the most discreet or svelte, ns QuietComfort Earbuds ausblüten feel an extremely good an my ears, thanks kommen sie Bose’s StayHear max ear tips, i beg your pardon have bei integrated, flexible silicone wing that tucks into die ridge von the ear zum added stability. Both the medium and large-sized ear tips worked zum me and created a chop seal, but i ultimately uncovered that mixing the two angeführt to ns best expanded comfort. (There’s a factor manufacturers imply trying that!)

Once they’re an place, the QuietComfort Earbuds no going anywhere, und I’d it is in confident acquisition them zum a run or through an intense gym routine. Lock rated IPX4 zum water und sweat resistance, dafür sweat und the sometimes splash of water should be fine, yet avoid rainstorms. One point worth mentioning ist the occlusion effect; due to the fact that Bose no go for a vented design like die AirPods jeden or Pixel sprout with organic airflow, if you schutz a very tight seal with the QuietComfort Earbuds in, your inside voice could sound louder than normal, and an silent environments, you kann sein hear you yourself breathing. I noticed this wie I erste started utilizing them, however it’s because gone far — either because the fit changed contempt or I’ve gotten used zu it. Some world are more sensitive to this stuff than others.

Bose’s case ist substantially thicker than charging cases for many various other true wireless earbuds. the charging case for the QuietComfort Earbuds is… a lot. The nowhere near as compact as die AirPods zum case or the cases weil das Samsung’s Galaxy sprout Plus or Google’s Pixel Buds. (The abovementioned Sennheisers so win the end here.) i realize this zu sein mostly early out to die Bose earbuds’ bigger size, however it blieb makes for in awkward bulge bei whatever trousers pocket sie put lock in. The case’s chonk aspect isn’t a deal-breaker for me, as i always oase a backpack through me for stowing the in. But at twice the thickness of bei AirPods case, it can be for some.

Opening ns case ist more von a process than usual due to the fact that Bose put an a latch that you’ve got to release von pressing the taste on front. This bring away firmer push than expected und can get annoying hinweisen times. On ns plus side, freundin won’t oase to worry about your pricey earbuds skittering across ns floor if freundin drop the case. The front des the case has five LEDs kommen sie indicate battery fee level; Bose estimates up to six hours of continuous hear time for the earbuds themselves, plus two additional charges from the case. Those numbers are all really par zum the course. Die case supports wireless charging and has a USB-C port if sie prefer to plug an for much faster top-offs. (Fifteen minute of charging kann sein give you two hours des playback time.)

Bose retakes die noise cancellation crown

The audio quality and noise cancellation von the QuietComfort Earbuds conveniently outweigh die headaches from managing their azer case. Bose has actually taken a noticeable lead over competitors und is nearing the noise cancellation effectiveness des full-size headphones. Instead of a an easy on / off toggle like the AirPods Pro, Bose lets you choose bolzen 10 levels of noise canceling. Weist 10, these earbuds do in astonishing arbeit of hushing the world around you — far better than Apple, Sony, und other competitors. Straße noise just fades away; die constant hum of in air conditioner or die whir of a fans all but disappears. I’m not traveling much von plane at die moment, but I’m particular these would perform a better arbeit at muting cabin noise than other earbuds. You kann even use the QuietComfort Earbuds an noise-canceling setting even when there’s no audio playing if you’re just looking zum some peace and quiet.

The ear advice have in integrated silicone fin for added stability.
On the opposite end, dropping down zu zero setzt the earbuds into complete transparency / ambient mode. Bose has actually managed kommen sie tie apple at making the almost feel like you’re notfall wearing earbuds weist all. The transparency setting on ns QuietComfort Earbuds sounds exceptionally natural and will appeal to people who desire a much better sense of their surroundings wie outside. Wie man you take the end either earbud, ns one an your other ear automatically goes into full transparency — because Bose numbers you’re probably trying zu hear something. (Music so automatically pauses when in earbud ist removed.)

You tun können double tap on the left earbud zu switch betwee three “favorite” levels von noise cancellation. Die defaults are 10, 5, und zero. I didn’t seen any need kommen sie switch those up, but you kann sein set them zu whatever sie want in the Bose Music app. Bose so lets sie choose your wanted action weil das a long-press des the left bud: it kann either announcement battery status or skip to die next song. Unfortunately, that’s where customization of the controls end. This are the controls you’re left with:

Double insanity on the right earbud to play or pause audio / prize a phone call callTouch and hold ns right earbud kommen sie activate Siri or google Assistant / decline a phone call callDouble madness on die left earbud to switch bolzen noise cancellation presetsLong press on die left earbud kommen sie check battery level or skip to die next songSwipe up or down on ns right earbud kommen sie increase or reduced volume

Bose introduced die onboard volume controls a couple months after the QuietComfort Earbuds originally shipped, und you’ve gott to permit them bei the Bose Music app before you tun können use lock — otherwise nothing wollen happen. I haven’t had any type of problems with die swipes zu adjust loudness, dafür it’s a pretty addition. There’s blieb no way von going rückseitig to the belastung song with ns earbud controls, however.

The QuietComfort Earbuds nothing stick out of your ear as far as Bose’s ahead SoundSport Free. an my time testing ns QuietComfort Earbuds, connection stability bolzen the buds and my phone has actually been mainly flawless. Probably that’s the result des upgrading zu Bluetooth 5.1 or other inner changes, yet either way, the a significant improvement over the SoundSport Free, which suffered frequent audio dropouts. That’s notfall a concern this time around. No one did i notice any type of audio / video sync mismatches when watching inhalt from YouTube, Netflix, or früh Video on mine phone and laptop. Bose has successfully tackled the hauptsächlich flaws of its initial true wireless earbuds.


Every smart device jetzt requires you to agree zu a series von terms and conditions prior to you tun können use that — contracts that no one actually reads. It’s impossible weil das us zu read und analyze every einzel one des these agreements. But we started zählen exactly exactly how many zeit you oase to hit “agree” kommen sie use devices wie we review them since these are agreements most civilization don’t read and definitely can’t negotiate.

Bose’s QuietComfort Earbuds can be used von pairing over Bluetooth — but on iOS und Android, you’ll easily be encouraged kommen sie install ns Bose Music app for configuring them und setting her noise cancellation preferences. über doing so, you agreeing to:

Bose Music collects diagnostic und usage data, but you tun können opt out of this bei the app’s settings menu.

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Final tally: two mandatory agreements, one optional agreement on dünn collection.

Sound high quality is ausblüten top notch. Bose no shy about sculpting ns audio; ns company’s active EQ rises low und high frequencies weist lower volumes dafür that music ausblüten feels dynamic even wie man you’re not cranking it. Die QuietComfort Earbuds are an extremely bass-forward and pack a wallop zum hip-hop und EDM tracks. But the powerful short end also translates well kommen sie other genres. To my ears, these schutz a wider, richer soundstage than the competition (perhaps with the exception des Sennheiser).

Three sizes des ear advice come in the box.
An array von microphones help ns QuietComfort Earbuds pull off their terrific noise cancellation.
Regardless des what genre she playing, ns highs are in-depth without ever coming off together harsh or shrill. Unfortunately, Bose’s app doesn’t offer any kind of way to adjust die EQ zum people who don’t liebe the default sound signature. Custom EQ is an option on ns over-ear Noise Canceling Headphones 700, deshalb it’s a bummer notfall to seen it on these premium earbuds.

The QuietComfort Buds so handle voice calls well. They schutz a “self voice” attribute that lasst uns you readjust how viel you can hear your very own voice top top a call deswegen you don’t end up speaking too loudly, und they do a nice job of picking trost your voice und reducing background noise dafür that others can clearly listen you. Only die right earbud can be used standalone zum calls und audio.

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The instance provides two additional charges (12 hours) of battery life.
Unfortunately, Bose didn’t incorporate multipoint an these earbuds, deswegen they tun können only pair through one device weist a time. Coincided pairing is blieb rare weil das earbuds — und a distinct strength weil das Jabra — but when you take into consideration that Apple’s AirPods Pro kann now automatically and instantly move between sich entschuldigen devices, the QuietComfort Earbuds absolutely take a functionality hit. Multipoint is a longtime feature on Bose’s headphones, but weil das whatever reason, ns company’s designers couldn’t do it arbeit here.

So yes, Bose’s new, almost-$300 QuietComfort Earbuds blieb have downsides. The earbuds space on ns larger side, and their instance is bei absolute unit. They lack multipoint. But there’s deshalb plenty des good: Bose has leap-frogged everyone in noise cancellation (establishing itself together a leader once again) und come hoch with great-sounding earbuds that arbeit reliably. Once ns world is zurück to office life and boarding planes regularly, i think that’ll it is in a compelling combo — suspect you’re not already carrying roughly a pair des AirPods pro or Sony 1000XM3s, the is.

Update December 7th 2:30PM ET: The review has been updated to reflect the neu onboard volume controls the Bose added to ns QuietComfort Earbuds after their release. Ns overall score remains unchanged.