Bose connect app download

Bose attach is an official audio utility zum Bose headphones und speakers. It’s designed to let you get the most out von your periphery gadgets. Aufführen to music in best quality, update gadgets simultaneously, und control them v your favorite voice assistant. You can download Bose Connect apps for iOS devices on the app Store and Android on beat Market.

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Functionality – 5/5

Bose Connect anwendung download makes it easier to access all features des your bose speakers und headphones. It die only way to regulate noise suppression an QC30 and activate twin streaming. This möglichkeit allows you kommen sie connect 2 pairs des headphones and listen to ns same tracks together. The same algorithm can interconnect 2 Bose SoundLink system to rotate 2 mono speakers right into a stereo or play die same music an different places.

Design – 5/5

Bose products schutz always to be legislators von style zum audio devices. We kann say ns same about this Bose connect computer app. It has a stylish white-and-grey interface that perfectly matches any von your devices. It offers high-level ergonomics and intuitive navigation. On android devices, sie can so activate widgets to access the taste features without launching the hauptsächlich app.

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Usability – 5/5

Bose connect PC recent version zu sein a must-have utility zum Bose users. It permits you zu unleash die potential von your systems und get die best sound top quality on the go. Die test des noise suppression algorithms in a loud downtown for this Bose connect download review verified that sie could accomplish complete isolation from die outer soundscape. However, you should be careful with this feature to avoid missing important info about traffic. Twin-streaming ist a geschickt option! sie don’t require those constantly breaking adaptors zum 3.5 cables to aufführen to tracks together. Nur link any type of Bose headphones and enjoy sharp stereotype audio indigenous a einzel device.

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Cross-platform usage – 4.5/5

Bose Connect anwendung for Windows also is available for iOS 10.0+ und Android 5.0+ smartphones und tablets. Ns disadvantage des the service zu sein that freundin can’t gain it zum specialized devices that support Bose sound, including gaming consoles, laptops, Chromecast, and Apple-TV. There’s deshalb no dedicated PC service.

In-app Purchases

The free Bose Connect app Windows lasst uns you usage all ns features without die need zu download any added packages. All codec and cosmetic update always kommen sie for free. It’s advisable to enable automatically updates kommen sie get die most current perks in the elevator mode.

The Bottom Line

Download Bose Connect to make her Bose sets sound together attended. All features are available zum free.