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The unmistakable design inspired von the fixie trend und the high-quality applypaint.orgponents von the BMW Cruise bike create ns unique BMW endure even when biking.

From €1,440, now at €995.


BMW CRUISE BIKE.The unmistakable entwurf inspired by the fixie trend and the high-quality applypaint.orgponents von the BMW Cruise bicycle create ns unique BMW suffer even when biking.



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The inhaltsstoff mix von aluminium and carbon-fibre along the same lines as the BMW ns vehicles offers this bike through its sports performance. Die carbon-fibre fork particularly developed zum the bike intended that ns weight can be reduced von 1kg.


BMW ACTIVE mischung E-BIKE.The new BMW Active hybrid E-Bike with a modern, virtually noiseless journey unit offers an extended range. Die e-bike is equipped with in innovative angeführt battery charge status display. The display, which zu sein integrated bei the front end, has actually a smartphone connection and can be managed via in app.


BMW URBAN hybride E-BIKE.Clear form with a certain style: ns slim design and the almost invisible battery integrated bei the structure geometry produce this effect in the BMW Urban mischung EBike. This e-bike is deshalb equipped with in innovative führen zu battery charge zustand display.

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From €3,275, jetzt at €2,290.

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