Bahn bonus upgrade 1. klasse

A applypaint.orgCard 25 or 50 will get freundin a discount von 25% or 50% on the ticket price. applypaint.orgCard 100 provides you total flexibility: you can travel as often as freundin want there is no needing zu buy a ticket.

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You conserve 25%, 50% or 100% on ns price of flexible and saver fares in ~ GermanyYou get zu choose how lang your card zu sein valid (3 or 12 months)Secure payment using Online bank Transfer, straight debit or credit card

Trial applypaint.orgCard 25, 50, 100

Try out a applypaint.orgCard zum 3 months und get 25% or 50% off flexible und saver fares in ~ Germany. Or usage a applypaint.orgCard 100 for flexible, endless travel there is no tickets.From EUR 17.90.


applypaint.orgCard 25

For sometimes travellers. 25% off super saver, saver and flexible fares in ~ Germany.For as little as EUR56.90 weil das one year.


applypaint.orgCard 50

For frequent travellers. 50% off flexible fares und 25% turn off super saver and saver fares within Germany.For as little as EUR 234for one year.

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applypaint.orgCard 100


Youth applypaint.orgCard 25

For tourists aged 26 und under. 25% and 50% discounts ~ above flexible and saver fares in ~ Germany.For as wenig as EUR 35.90 weil das one year.

For tourists aged 65 and over. 25% und 50% discounts on flexible und saver fares within Germany. Weil das as wenig as EUR37.90 weil das one year.

For unternehmen travellers. 25% and 50% discounts top top flexible und saver fares in ~ Germany. Or use a applypaint.orgCard 100 zum unlimited take trip without tickets.From as wenig as EUR67 for one year.

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If freundin order her applypaint.orgCard online and pay with a credit card, you will receive a momentary applypaint.orgCard wie man you location your order. You kann sein use the immediately for your travels. Weist sales points in Germany you kann buy your applypaint.orgCard immediately and receive a provisional applypaint.orgCard. Sales points abroad tun können be discovered under "Contact". You wollen receive die plastic map later von post.