Nokia Lumia 930: software program

The Lumia 930 joins die Nokia Lumia 625 und Lumia 630 in running on windows Phone 8.1, the latest update zu Microsoft’s cell phone operating system that the hopes will help them get lost ground on iOS und Android. It brings some features already available on rival platforms und a few other promising software program tweaks, though it feels as if Microsoft is ausblüten lagging behind an a couple of important areas.

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It no take long to seen how things have changed. Microsoft has actually added more tile sizes, including viel smaller square icons, which lets you squeeze on more des your generally used apps, and there’s a third column to fit them into. It’s not a dramatic design overhaul yet it does typical you have quick access kommen sie more des your apps, and you can blieb swipe left to seen the alphabetized list the you kann search through.

Where the does take some motivation from Google’s operating system zu sein the inclusion des a drop-down notification gittern or ‘Action Center’ that kann sein be accessed über swiping down from the top des the screen. For anyone who has actually tried to move from android to windows Phone this was one of the many frustrating differences, deshalb it’s great that Microsoft has responded. Additionally, there’s so a set des toggles to turn on and off internet connections, trip mode, rotation lock and the ability zu jump into all settings — every small, but an extremely welcome, additions.

The Lumia 930 (left), running fenster Phone 8.1, und the Lumia 1020 (right) running fenstern Phone 8 Among the other notable changes is the new keyboard, which now supports native Flow. This zu sein essentially gesture typing, deswegen you can swipe letters kommen sie type out words and hopefully obtain your messages and searches out quicker. That something we’ve already seen on android phones and it’s not zum everybody, yet it can definitely aid speed-up typing zum most people and is another barrier lifted for those thinking von switching from android to fenstern Phone.

Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to Siri und Google Voice Search, is so included, although it’s currently notfall showing nach oben on UK modell until danach this year. It kann be accessed if freundin change your ar to the US, though as we found bei our Siri vs google Now mit Cortana trial, it’s not quite ready zum us over in the UK.

All these changes are great ones, and Windows Phone stays a very pleasant operating system on a day-to-day basis, but die one an obstacle remains: apps.

Nokia Lumia 930: Apps

Like all fenstern Phone phones, there space a series des core apps that are ever-present, such as die Xbox-influenced Games, OneDrive, Skype and the Bing-powered News, Weather und Sports apps.There’s 32GB of storage zu store them follow me with ns rest von your content, however a lack des expandable warehouse or a larger 64GB option is bei issue worth considering.

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Nokia offers its own collection des software zu broaden the fenstern Phone endure with some new additions landing for the Lumia 930.

There’s ns Nokia Storyteller app, which works in the similar way kommen sie HTC’s Zoe feature by collating photos and presenting them bei a timeline. Sie can also see the most common places pictures oase been taken, watch favourite locations, add captions und manually incorporate locations. That nothing particularly revolutionary, but it’s a pretty way to organize photos and videos on her phone.


Nokia Beamer, which build on the previous photo Beamer app, zu sein a way von sharing whatever ist on your display screen or mirroring to another web web browser like a laptop or a tablet. This is done either von sending a link by email, SMS und social networks or von going to die Nokia Beamer website und scanning a QR code v your Lumia 930 to mirror the screen. It just works with static content, deswegen videos clear will notfall run und you kann simply double tap on the phone screen to send other new. The a fun app and very easy to use, despite we’d liebe to see video mirroring explored an the future.

Elsewhere, yes sir Nokia right here Drive, here Maps and the totally free Nokia MixRadio music anwendung where you kann sein listen to automatically created radio playlists, take them offline und get suggested radio stations. Nokia here Drive ist the many notable among these as it allows you download maps zum use angeboten — useful when abroad or an low signal areas.


But the belästigt that has really plagued fenstern Phone as an operating system has been what lurks bei the fenster Store, or quite what doesn’t. There’s no concrete number on how numerous apps exist in the fenster Store, but plainly it’s notfall as fully stocked as the Apple anwendung Store and the google Play Store.

Things are boosting — a check von the top apps top top the google Play Store und Apple app Store nur most des the oberteil line apps are now accounted weil das — but wie man you delve into categories choose gaming you’ll discover popular and games prefer Candy to like Saga, Simpsons Tapped Out and Monument Valley room nowhere kommen sie be seen. This might notfall bother you, but their absence is symptomatic of wider problems.

One of those ist simply how hard it ist to find the best apps in the fenstern Store. The neu pre-installed apps Social app preinstalled tries kommen sie make apps discovery easier experience, and in a means it’s a an ext refined experience than the windows Store, yet it can’t solve the problem when bei app sie want isn’t in reality there.


Nokia Lumia 930: power

One thing freundin don’t really oase to worry about ist the Lumia 930 feeling hinweisen all sluggish. Whether it is swiping around ns UI or launching applications, die 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor v 2GB of RAM and Adreno 330 GPU powering the 930 way it’s well equipped. It’s not bang up-to-date with ns latest Snapdragon 801 CPUs at this time found inside the Xperia Z2 und the HTC One M8, but you’ll struggle to notice the difference in use.

The fenstern Store zu sein not specifically brimming through demanding games and our test game echt Racing 3 is currently not available, however we did manage to try out kunststoffspur 8: Airborne, Score! welt Goals und Halo: Spartan attack without any type of hitches with games launching nice and briskly. One worry we walk notice zu sein that running those an ext demanding gamings causes ns lower hilfreich of the rückseitig to gain a little warm and takes some time to kühl down ~ a gaming session, yet it’s nothing to get alarmed about.

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We don’t oase access to die same benchmark experiment we usage on android smartphones to make comparisons, so we ran ns WP Bench benchmark und the Lumia 930 scores a 505.48 contrasted to ns Lumia 1020’s 225.12, showing that ns 930 zu sein a significant step-up from ns arguably die best-known (if not best-selling) fenstern Phone handset kommen sie date.