23x1 – episode 1

The zuerst season without Tyra bank as a host. Rita Ora was ns one that had ns honor kommen sie host this cycle. The cycle is about building a in brand geraten of a strong, beautiful, confident woman.

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23x2 – illustration 2

The top fourteen room summoned to runway boot camp v Stacy McKenzie; the models discuss die state von race relations an America.

23x3 – illustration 3

The models take part in a nude shoot von featured photographer Ellen by Unwerth, before one more hopeful zu sein eliminated from ns process.

23x4 – illustration 4

The modell are challenged zu create their very own lingerie videos, und then kommen sie create society media geschichten using some photos indigenous a VIP party.

23x5 – illustration 5

The contestants confront a an obstacle on their mitarbeiter style, before in avant garde photoshoot with nicola Formichetti designs hinweisen a local supermarket.

23x6 – episode 6

A romance betwee two models could expense one des them the competition; ns contestants challenge off with supermodel Chanel Iman.

23x7 – episode 7

Stacy Mckenzie und choreographer Chris grant want the models to create signature tanzen routines zum a block splitterpartei video shoot.

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23x8 – episode 8

The modell attend bei exclusive splitterpartei at philipp Plein's estate; the women compete for the best pair shot.

23x9 – illustration 9

The final seven contestants perform an a music video against the eliminated contestants, v a second-chance place bei the contest hinweisen stake.

23x10 – episode 10

The contestants room challenged to create a public dienstleistungen announcement prior to embodying iconic celebrity figures in a photoshoot.

23x11 – episode 11

The models experience a day bei the life von their celebrity hold Rita Ora together they are bombarded von the paparazzi throughout new York City und later tasked zu personify herstellung iconic Paper magazine Cover.

23x12 – illustration 12

The contestants take it on in acting difficulty with 'Orange is the new Black' star Adrienne samen Moore, prior to taking ~ above a motion beauty shoot.

23x13 – episode 13

Know what this ist about? be the zuerst one to add a plot.

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23x14 – episode 14

The final four face a makeup challenge, before taking part bei a photoshoot zum Rimmel London. That will fall at the tonnage hurdle?

23x15 – the Final Countdown

The finalists must complete a Paper magazine photo-shoot spread; die eliminated contestants return to the startbahn one final time prior to one des the last three zu sein crowned America's Next top Model.