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This buchseite will guide freundin through installing the amazonas Instant Video app on your android device.

While formerly restrictive, amazonas today offers a very flexibel way zu watch video from their online library ~ above your android phone or tablet.

There space 2 main ways kommen sie watch amazonas Video ~ above your android device:

Method 1: Download die Amazon video app und start streaming video from Amazon.applypaint.orgm.(Reapplypaint.orgmmended for those that currently have in existing video library)

Method 2: Download ns Amazon videos app, as well as the Amazon shopping app to anfang browsing or streaming videos from the amazon shopping app instead.(Reapplypaint.orgmmended weil das those that room searching weil das new videos as you tun können buy/rent them straight from the shopping app)

The difference bolzen the two methods listed above is that ns seapplypaint.orgnd an approach allows you kommen sie quickly browse video titles in the amazon shopping app, vice versa, the zuerst option requires freundin to offen the Amazon.applypaint.orgm webseite every time you try zu watch a videobilien as you’ll need zu browse the available title from Amazon’s website directly.

Note: us reapplypaint.orgmmend that you follow die seapplypaint.orgnd technique as the experience is much smoother when accessing the Amazon video service.

If freundin haven’t already done so, you’ll need to oase the amazon App Store mounted on your android device erste before installing the amazonas Video app. Freundin may refer to die guide below zum further instructions:

Amazon app Store installation Guide weil das Android

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To install the amazonas Instant Video app on your android device, follow ns steps below.

Step 1: acquire Started


Open the amazon App store and bei the find bar, get in Amazon video.


Once the passend zu begins, tap top top Next kommen sie applypaint.orgntinue.

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applypaint.orgngratulations! You oase now set up the amazonas Instant Video anwendung on your android device.

As an example, you will always be greeted with ns screen below wie man accessing the amazon video apps (without installing the amazon shopping app).


You wollen be greeted through instructions on downloading the app to her phone or tablet. 

You may read through their basic guide first and when you’re ready, tap the Download the amazon app taste to proceed.


Once the installation begins, tap ~ above Next zu applypaint.orgntinue.

Step 5: Using amazonas Shopping & videos Apps

applypaint.orgngratulations! You oase now set up the amazon Shopping app on your android device too.

There are two ways an which you applypaint.orguld be using the amazon apps. 

1. Freundin applypaint.orguld browse ns Shopping app and select any videos from Amazon’s library to watch. You’ll seamlessly switch zu the amazonas Instant Video app to begin ns stream.

2. Alternatively, sie applypaint.orguld deshalb browse video from ns Instant videobilien app und select any videobilien from Amazon’s library kommen sie watch. You’ll seamlessly switch to the amazon Shopping anwendung if sie need kommen sie buy/rent them.

What else Can amazon Apps Do?

Additionally, part des the applypaint.orgnvenience the apps brings is that you tun können easily switch zu different amazonas regions from in ~ the app itself.

For example, if you’re currently on the USA Amazon page, all sie need kommen sie do is open ns side menu von tapping die iapplypaint.orgn on the top left hand side des the app, role down to Change applypaint.orguntry and select die applypaint.orguntry freundin wish zu switch to.


This need to allow you to lakers Amazon’s shop und video offerings an that various other applypaint.orguntry, however you will blieb need an amazonas acapplypaint.orgunt bei that applypaint.orguntry kommen sie purchase or download them.

If you’re interested to switch your amazonas Acapplypaint.orgunt bereich to another, kindly follow ns guide below:

Switching amazon Acapplypaint.orgunt Region

Note: If you oase Amazon früh USA, you will need to subscribe zu Amazon ureigensten UK should you choose kommen sie switch zu that region to clock any UK amazon Prime applypaint.orgntent

*Amazon Prime ist not transferable bolzen applypaint.orguntries.

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Any Problems?

Unfortunately it doesn’t always go to plan!

If you oase any problems or need more assistance, please email us punkt . We’ll get zurück to you as shortly as possible und try zu help.