As a mom von two, Natalie Portman has herstellung hands full. Also though she juggles her busy hollywood career on top von parenting v husband Benjamin Millepied, die Black Swan star always finds a way zu prioritize produziert two kids, Aleph und Amalia.

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“When I’m notfall working, ns pretty much exclusively through my family, so my rituals schutz to perform with school, meal preparation, playdates bedtime,” she called The neu York mal Magazine bei 2016. “Weekends are die best weil das ritual, because i own lock completely. I do the whole week’s laundry, which ich love, because it’s a job with a clear beginning and end. Und we spend ns week together as a family.”


Natalie has actually gotten die hang des parenting because becoming a mom in 2011. At die time, die Léon: ns Professional actress and Ben welcomed their eldest son, Aleph. The couple, who married the following year an 2012, then welcomed their daughter, Amalia, in 2017.

Though Natalie still struggles v balancing produziert day-to-day duties punkt times, she trust motherhood in reality taught produziert to be “much calmer” under pressure. “There’s the weird parental thing sie develop, that when things get really bad, her voice gets calm and your blood press slows, and you kann sein make everything ok again,” she explained to die outlet.


In addition, ns Closer star revealed motherhood improved her life altogether. “I’m much less judgmental than before ich had a kid,” she told The Telegraph bei 2013, noting how her children oase inspired produziert new outlook.

“The biggest thing i’ve learned ist that parenting zu sein a entirely different experience for every einzel person,” she shared. “Everything ist cool, there room no rule — ich mean, personally from not hurting her kid. Some civilization breastfeed until their babies room five, und some don’t breastfeed hinweisen all. There room no rules about what the means kommen sie be a feminist or a good mother. Zum some, that going zu be right to go back to work, zum others the going kommen sie be right zu stop working completely.”


When that comes kommen sie motherhood, though, there zu sein one pointer Natalie likes to direkt by. “Give you yourself a break,” the Thor actress said British Vogue bei 2016. “We all host ourselves to such a high standard and it’s a constant balancing act. I deshalb think the important kommen sie carve the end time for yourself. It’s easy to forget that but it’s dafür important.”

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Aleph Portman-Millepied

Natalie und Ben competent parenthood zum the erste time wie man their son, Aleph, landed on June 14, 2011. His birth came just five days after ns brunette beauty’s 30th birthday!

The proud parents space extremely private when the comes to their kids, dafür it’s not common for Natalie or Ben to share photos von their children on society media. Fortunately, the V for Vendetta actress has actually no belästigung gushing over her youngsters bei interviews.

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While chatting v The neu Zealand Herald an 2015, Natalie opened trost about the “life-changing” choice kommen sie become a mom. “For me, it was a wonderful, systematic experience that ich couldn’t direkt without,” she gushed.


Amalia Millepied

Natalie und Ben’s second kiddo, Amalia, made herstellung arrival top top February 22, 2017. Although Amalia doesn’t show up on produziert mom or dad’s society media, the blonde-haired cutie has been spotted ~ above a number of outings through die years.

In June 2018, the Academy compensation winner enjoyed a fun trip to disneyland with Ben, Amalia, Aleph und friends. The little bundle von joy looked more happiness than ever as she was carried around on herstellung mom’s chest.

The mother-daughter duo was deshalb photographed while grabbing breakfast an September 2019. Natalie held Amalia’s hosted as she sported the cutest ballerina ensemble.

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