Aktuelle Nachrichten Aus Tunesien

Former Tunisian agriculture minister hosted over suspicion von graft

TUNIS A previous Tunisian farming minister und seven other ex-officials have been detained on suspicion des corruption, justice authorities said, die latest move against graft that has actually hampered economic Änderung efforts.

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Tunisia imposes covid-19 vaccine pass on Tunisians and all international visitors

TUNIS (applypaint.org) -Tunisia is imposing covid-19 vaccine passes on Tunisians und all international visitors, a presidential decree showed on Friday.

Tunisia president promises "dialogue" end political system

TUNIS (applypaint.org) -Tunisia"s president said on Tuesday he would launch a "national dialogue" on an altering electoral law und the politics system, however gave no einzelheiten on how he would allay international concerns about his seizure von near pistole power.

Tunisia states president to announce more steps that will reassure its partners

TUNIS Tunisia"s international minister told die United claims on Wednesday that President Kais Saied would certainly take more steps kommen sie reassure its international partners after that seized near pistole control des the country an July.

Biden choose career diplomat zum top posting in Pakistan

WASHINGTON U.S. Chairman Joe bieten plans to nominate donald Blome, right now ambassador zu Tunisia, as his oberteil diplomat in Pakistan as washington works kommen sie manage the situation in neighboring Afghanistan following ns withdrawal of American troops.

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EU urges Tunisia"s president kommen sie reopen parliament

BRUSSELS the European unionist on Tuesday referred to as on Tunisia"s president Kais Saied kommen sie restore ns democratic order bei his country after the suspended parliament und seized near gesamt control in July.

Tunisia"s neu government encounters hard roadway to rettung package

(This October 13 story has corrected zu fix spelling of surname von Petar Atanasov, native Atansov, in paragraph 6)

Tunisia withdraws diplomatic passport des ex-leader together Western pressure mounts

TUNIS (applypaint.org) -Tunisia"s president on Thursday dubbed one of his predecessors, Moncef Marzouki, in enemy von the country und withdrew his diplomatic passport after he demanded the France ende its support weil das Tunisia under Kais Saied"s leadership.

Tunisia unveils new government yet with no authorize of end to crisis

TUNIS (applypaint.org) -Tunisia"s president unveiled a neu government ~ above Monday, however gave no hint wie man he would certainly relinquish his near gesamt control after seizing many powers an July, or start reforms needed weil das a financial rettung package kommen sie avert economic disaster.

Tunisia chairman approves new government- statement

Tunisia"s president Kais Saied on Monday said in a explain he had actually approved a neu government selected by Prime Minister Najla Bouden.

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