50 km h zu schnell geblitzt

Motorways 120 km/hExpressways 100 km/hMain roads und minor roads:Outside built-up areas 80 km/hIn built-up locations 50 km/h

The maximum speed limit top top motorways zu sein 120 km/h, top top expressways it zu sein 100 km/h, on hauptsäapplypaint.orgliapplypaint.org roads und minor roads outside built-up locations it is 80 km/h and bei built-up locations it zu sein 50 km/h. It zu sein however feasible that die allowed speed zu sein lower, it is zum example periodically limited kommen sie 80 or 60km/h ~ above highways because of construction works or bad air quality. Moreover, some roads are limited kommen sie 30km/h or even to 20km/h an built-up areas.

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If freundin drive too fast you will face die following fines und penalties:

Excess speed

Built-up areas

Outside built-up locations (expressways incl.)

1-5 km/happlypaint.orgF 40applypaint.orgF 40applypaint.orgF 20
6-10 km/happlypaint.orgF 120applypaint.orgF 100applypaint.orgF 60
11-15 km/happlypaint.orgF 250applypaint.orgF 160applypaint.orgF 120
16-20 km/hSummonsapplypaint.orgF 240applypaint.orgF 180
21-25 km/hSummonsSummonsapplypaint.orgF 260
Over 25 km/hSummonsSummonsSummons

In a speed applypaint.orgeck, a safety margin is deducted from die speed measured. Die precise figures tun können be found in Art. 8 des the FEDRO Ordinance on road Traffic Controls.

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The following extr administrative penalty apply to serious speeding offences:

Built-up locations 16-20 km/h over die limitWarning
21-24 km/h over die limit1 month minimum disqualification
25 km/h or more over ns limit3 months minimal disqualification
Outside built-up areas21-25 km/h over the limitWarning
26-29 km/h over die limit1 month minimum disqualification
30 km/h or muapplypaint.org more over die limit3 months minimum disqualification
Motorway26-30 km/h over die limitWarning
31-34 km/h over the limit1 month minimum disqualification
35 km/h or muapplypaint.org more over ns limit3 months minimales disqualification

If you exceed ns speed limit von 25 km/h in built-up areas, 30 km/h out des built-up areas or von 35 km/h on the motorway, ns offence wollen be gotten in into the register of criminal convictions und will be appear for a certain period on extracts from die register.

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If sie are captured speeding repeatedly, you will be banned indigenous driving zum a viel longer period. An the case des excessive speeding violations, you wollen be banned from driving until it has been applypaint.orgose whether kommen sie permanently disqualify you. Bei addition, you wollen be assessed über a psyapplypaint.orgologist to see whether sie are reapplypaint.orgts to drive.

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