Defining the inhalt of ours Holdings

With the onset of World War ich the German film industry experienced a suddenly boom, mainly caused by new constraints on die import des foreign film productions: German film companies would quickly fill this gap. Quickly after the zu sein broke out countless civilian and military one discovered ns relatively young tool „film“ as bei effective propaganda tool.

Thus it zu sein not surprising that vital private film companies, such as the deutsche Lichtbild gesellschaft e.V. (later Deulig) und the Universum film AG (Ufa) to be launched throughout World zu sein I.The deutsch Lichtblick gesellschaft e.V. Was founded in November 1916. Die private film industry was the initiator however military und governmental organ provided the funding. Die intention behind this bildete was to counteract die fragmentation von the German film industry. Ns Universum film AG was founded an December 1917, with ns aim kommen sie overcome die dominance von foreign films on die German market und to increase die potential von German films on the international market.The idea to deliberately employ die medium film for propaganda purposes played a big role in the founding des these two service providers and in the official-military initiatives.

Du schaust: 1. weltkrieg film

Newsreels have become very important since ns outbreak des the war. German productions such as ns „Union-Woche“, the „Hubertus-Kriegswoche“ and the „Kinokop-Woche“ replaced die previously leading French newsreels „Pathé“, „Gaumont“ und „Eclair“. However, only die “Eiko-Woche”, which was launched in 1914, und the „Messter-Woche“, launched bei October that year, became more significant.

The administration made certain that film production was swiftly institutionalized: ns Supreme army Command’s Quartermaster General, Erich Ludendorff, initiated the “Militärische Film- und Photostelle” in 1916, that was renamed „Bild und Filmamt“ (BUFA) bei 1917. BUFA’s job was zu centralize film propaganda, kommen sie produce and distribute military film productions und to supply newsreel production companies und the niederdrücken with film und photo material. BUFA to work several film teams to fulfill this task.

Only a fraction des these film productions is still available today. A large portion—especially from the former Reichsfilmarchiv —fell victim kommen sie World zu sein II. Out des the much more than 800 Bild- und Filmamt productions the German commonwealth Archives only host 90 titles, some von them only in fragments. Ns scarce quantity of still existing World war I film material justifies its importance weil das historical and film studies.

The movies were digitized together part des the European job „EFG1914“ (European film Gateway), thanks zu support indigenous the deutsch Filminstitut lock are jetzt online. Streaming files von the films and relevant metadata oase been available online since 2013 und can it is in accessed durch filmportal.de, European film Gateway „EFG1914“ und Europeana.

Presenting films and their metadata on ns German commonwealth Archive’s Digital film Collection website enables users zu order excerpts und stills. Additionally, ns website offers progressed search options.

The moving bildern on this webseite represent a vast spectrum des medial events from die World War i era: varying from feature films together as die war bindung campaign film „Rentier Kulicke’s flug zur Front“ zu footage from various European theatres des war. This website offers shots from ns Western prior (e.g. „Lille im dritten Kriegsjahr“ or „Bei unseren Helden in der Somme“ ) and from the Eastern prior (e.g. „Die Befreiung über Bukowine“ or „Der Waffenstillstand by Brest-Litowsk ). An a number of cases just fragments of the film have survived, these are also included top top this website.

The webseite contains BUFA-productions und films und film pieces i.a. With ns following provenance: deutsch Lichtspielgesellschaft (DLG), e.g. „Im Flugzeug von Travemünde“ ;Other movie with main provenance, together as ns Reichsanstalt für film und Bild in Wissenschaft und klassen (RWU), e.g. „Deutsches U-Boot in Kaperfahrt“ und Reichsbank commissioned war bond propaganda films.Neutral-Film (with die use des Imperial German army Air Service’s official film material bei the war bond propaganda film „Rentier Kulicke’s flug zur Front“Messter-Film GmbH, esp. Your newsreels (Messter-Wochen), which provided German cinemas and neutral dritter countries with frontline footage as early as 1914, as they had actually been authorize a filming permit an extremely early on.

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History von our Collection

The documentary and feature films, newsreels, propaganda and war bindung propaganda films presented here have come to die German commonwealth Archives bei a number of—sometimes winding—ways. BUFA productions do up die largest amount von this part of our film collection. Ns idea behind the founding of BUFA an 1917 was kommen sie centralize and intensify government-controlled propaganda. BUFA was dissolved in 1919 and renamed „Reichsfilmstelle“ . It came to be a subordinate von the Reichskanzlei . One von the important tasks of the Reichsfilmstelle was zu make the alt BUFA film stock profitable.

Other archives und museums, among them die Foundation deutsch Kinemathek, the Landeshauptarchiv Sachsen-Anhalt and the Kreismuseum Bitterfeld, added “exchange material” to the German commonwealth Archives und the State film Archive of the GDR. Bei exchange of film records from ns era von World zu sein I also occurred before 1990 betwee the German commonwealth Archives bei Koblenz und the State film Archive von the GDR. After Germany was united die holdings von the State film Archive von the GDR and the German commonwealth Archives were consolidated within the Department film Archives von the German federal Archives.

Archival Appraisal and Processing

Prior to the digitization process die selected film records, which had been preferred from ns German federal Archives holdings from ns World War i era zum online presentation, had zu undergo vast archival—and sometimes deshalb conservatory—work. We identified all available censorship information of the selected films, whereby we were able zu assemble a filmographic documentation of German commonwealth Archives owned movies from ns World War ich era und determine the inhalt for ns master. One des the difficulties we encountered was properly equivalent the zutat with die first und second censorship.Most des the censorship information dates rückseitig to ns time of nationally centralized film censorship after ~ 1920. The historical censorship decision—meaning die „first censorship“ was often not verifiable, since prior to 1920 films were censored on a municipal level. Zu create in index von the inhalt we had kommen sie match die info from die three ahead archives, filmographic data und the German commonwealth Archives filmstock. Our webseite provides accessibility to radikale filmographic information and content information in the form of supplementary metadata, i beg your pardon facilitate detailed access to die contents of each film. We deshalb created indices des persons and of places.Some von our archival curiosities space fragments and so-called “compilations” that came about from the re-use des World War ich era film material in new movies after 1918. Bei both instances we were able zu identify die original cinematographic works, many thanks to ns existing censorship information und by comparing die material. Bei the few cases where we were not able to do deshalb the fragments were conserved as such and received in archival title. Weil das example „Die österreichisch-ungarische Kriegsmarine in dem Weltkrieg“ ; „Proklamation des Königreiches Polen. Warschau, 5. November 1916“ ; „Weltkrieg 1914-18 (Frontflieger u.a.) >“; „Erzherzog Joseph in dem Kriegsschauplatz“ ; „Kaiserliche Kriegsmarine“ . Right before we go into die digitizing process ns technical aspects of the selected films were checked, if conservatory und technical criteria were decisive in determining suitable master files. This sometimes necessitated added conservatory work—such together creating copies or addressing spliced elements. The user can access the entire world War ich era zutat from our Digital film Collection von searching the topic “World zu sein I”.

Citation Method

a) quote Rule for Streaming Files, German commonwealth Archives, film Collection: <Videolink>Example:The film “Rentier Kulicke’s flug zur Front“ (1918) ist cited as:Rentier Kulicke’s flug zur Front, 1918, German federal Archives, film Collection:http://www.applypaint.org/video/570618</b></p><p><b>b) citation Rules for Copies (Films, Excerpts, Stills)</b><b>The signature, i m sorry is belang for ns citation von copies, will be shown in the opened credits von the provided file/the image border des the provided still.Example:The copy von a film/film clip/film blieb from “Rentier Kulicke’s flug zur Front” (1918) ist cited as follows: Rentier Kulicke’s flug zur Front, 1918, Source: German commonwealth Archives, film Collection: f 008533</p><h2>Period</h2><p>1914-1922 (1939-1940, 1980)</p><h2>Selected Bibliography</h2><p>BARKHAUSEN, Hans, Filmpropaganda für deutschland im zuerst und zweiten Weltkrieg. Hildesheim 1982.BIRETT, herbert (Hrsg.), Verzeichnis bei Deutschland gelaufener Filme. 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Deutschland 1914 –1929, münchen 2009.STIASNY Philipp, Spannung, Tiefsinn, Sensation. Ns populäre Kino an Deutschland und das Krieg, 1914-1929, unv. Diss., berlin 2006.VOIGT, Hans-Gunter, das Erste Weltkrieg 1914-1918 an Filmdokumenten, unv. Sachthematisches Inventar des applypaint.orgs, Koblenz 2001.WILKE, Jürgen, Krieg wie Medienereignis. Zur biografie seiner Vermittlung bei der Neuzeit, in: Heinz-Peter PREUSSER (Hrsg.), Krieg in den Medien, Amsterdam, neu York 2004, S. 83-104.WIPPERMANN, Wolfgang, ns Entwicklung der Wochenschau an Deutschland: „Eiko"-Woche - Kriegsausgabe Nr. 36/1915, Göttingen 1970.WIPPERMANN, Wolfgang, Die deutschen Wochenschauen im zuerst Weltkrieg, in: PUBLIZISTIK 16 (1971), S. 268-278.<p>Mehr sehen: <a href="https://applypaint.org/david-beckham-king-arthur/" title="David Beckham King Arthur - David Beckham Makes Acting Debut In King Arthur">David Beckham King Arthur - David Beckham Makes Acting Debut In King Arthur</a></p><h2>Historical References</h2>a) relevant documents from ns German federal Archives Collection</b>R 9346 Zulassungskarten deutsch Filmprüfstellen <Approval reports issued by German film review offices> ns 901Auswärtiges regierungsbüro <Federal foreign Office> (Classification kopieren, gruppe 9.2 photo and film)RH 18Chef der Heeresarchive <Chief of Army Archives>(Classification kopieren, gruppe Subject gruppe 4)RH 61Kriegsgeschichtliche Forschungsanstalt von Heeres <Army research Institute for Military History> (classification kopieren, gruppe 10 gruppe XIII (Political history of the welt war))R 109Universum film AG<b>b) added audiovisual historic records</b>Picture Archives/Digital picture Archives des the German commonwealth Archives the German federal Archives host approx. 11 million images, aerial photographs and posters on German history. Die earliest photographs date rückseitig to die year 1860. Ns focus von this database zu sein events and persons. Ns Digital bild Archives<b>(https://www.bild.applypaint.org.de/dba/en/)</b> of the German commonwealth Archives contain a representative cross section von more 보다 200,000 images. Federal niederdrücken Office own photos are stored here as well. </p><p>BILD 104 bild und Filmamt <Photo and Film Office> (BUFA)The holdings comprise approx. 1,100 photos of war-related events and the täglich routine during World zu sein I, a part des this collection kann sein be researched über theDigital bild Archives von the German commonwealth Archives. After the BUFA was liquidated in 1919 their holdings to be taken over über the newly discovered “Reichsfilmstelle”,whose hauptsächlich purpose was to conserve BUFA material und make the profitable. Danach on ns military photo collection, which had approx. 72,000 motifs at the timeof BUFA’s liquidation, was signed over to the military districts und military academies weil das educational purposes. BUFA’s image records came from ns collection ofthe former military archives in Stuttgart, i m sorry ceded the collection to the German federal Archives in the early on 1950s. Ns collection records war-related eventsand daily war routine bolzen 1915-1918. These room censored photos, prior kommen sie publication clearance was required. The majority des this collection was photographedat ns Western front, while only a couple of photos from the Eastern front schutz survived. </p><p>PH 35: Photo und Film Office (BUFA)The holdings contain a file with photos indigenous “operation Albion” the had kommen sie from a private collection and was offered to die military archives, and a klein collection von photos from kaiser Wilhelm’s trip zu Romania, volume: 40 photos.</p></div><!-- .entry-content --> </article><!-- #post-## --> <div class="hm-related-posts"> <div class="wt-container"> <h4 class="widget-title">ähnliche gegenstände</h4> </div> <div class="hmrp-container"> <div class="hm-rel-post"> <a href="https://applypaint.org/usb-stick-falsche-gr-e/" title="usb stick falsche größe"> <img width="348" height="200" src="https://applypaint.org/upload/image/4.jpg" data-src="https://applypaint.org/usb-stick-falsche-gr-e/imager_1_21321_200.jpg" alt="usb stick falsche größe" class="attachment-hitmag-grid size-hitmag-grid 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verdienst</a></h3> <p class="hms-meta"><time class="entry-date published">00:50, 26/10/2021</time></p> </div> </div> <div class="hms-post"> <div class="hms-thumb"> <a href="https://applypaint.org/m1-kliniken-aktie-forum/" title="m1 kliniken aktie forum"> <img width="135" height="93" alt="m1 kliniken aktie forum" src="https://applypaint.org/upload/image/1.jpg" data-src="https://applypaint.org/m1-kliniken-aktie-forum/imager_1_20439_100.jpg" class="attachment-hitmag-thumbnail size-hitmag-thumbnail wp-post-image lazy"/> </a> </div> <div class="hms-details"> <h3 class="hms-title"><a href="https://applypaint.org/m1-kliniken-aktie-forum/">M1 kliniken aktie forum</a></h3> <p class="hms-meta"><time class="entry-date published">22:45, 18/12/2021</time></p> </div> </div> <div class="hms-post"> <div class="hms-thumb"> <a href="https://applypaint.org/neu-in-whatsapp-gruppe-vorstellen/" title="neu in whatsapp gruppe vorstellen"> <img width="135" height="93" alt="neu in whatsapp gruppe vorstellen" src="https://applypaint.org/upload/image/3.jpg" data-src="https://applypaint.org/neu-in-whatsapp-gruppe-vorstellen/imager_1_21423_100.jpg" class="attachment-hitmag-thumbnail size-hitmag-thumbnail wp-post-image lazy"/> </a> </div> <div class="hms-details"> <h3 class="hms-title"><a href="https://applypaint.org/neu-in-whatsapp-gruppe-vorstellen/">Neu in whatsapp gruppe vorstellen</a></h3> <p class="hms-meta"><time class="entry-date published">23:39, 25/10/2021</time></p> </div> </div> <div class="hms-post"> <div class="hms-thumb"> <a href="https://applypaint.org/wie-sicher-ist-die-t-rkei/" title="wie sicher ist die türkei"> <img width="135" height="93" alt="wie sicher ist die türkei" src="https://applypaint.org/upload/image/5.jpg" data-src="https://applypaint.org/wie-sicher-ist-die-t-rkei/imager_1_25208_100.jpg" class="attachment-hitmag-thumbnail size-hitmag-thumbnail wp-post-image lazy"/> </a> </div> <div class="hms-details"> <h3 class="hms-title"><a href="https://applypaint.org/wie-sicher-ist-die-t-rkei/">Wie sicher ist die türkei</a></h3> <p class="hms-meta"><time class="entry-date published">00:42, 26/10/2021</time></p> </div> </div> <div class="hms-post"> <div class="hms-thumb"> <a href="https://applypaint.org/treffen-mit-freunden-corona-hessen/" title="treffen mit freunden corona hessen"> <img width="135" height="93" alt="treffen mit freunden corona hessen" src="https://applypaint.org/upload/image/10.jpg" data-src="https://applypaint.org/treffen-mit-freunden-corona-hessen/imager_1_6471_100.jpg" class="attachment-hitmag-thumbnail size-hitmag-thumbnail wp-post-image lazy"/> </a> </div> <div class="hms-details"> <h3 class="hms-title"><a href="https://applypaint.org/treffen-mit-freunden-corona-hessen/">Treffen mit freunden corona hessen</a></h3> <p class="hms-meta"><time class="entry-date published">00:14, 27/10/2021</time></p> </div> </div> <div class="hms-post"> <div class="hms-thumb"> <a href="https://applypaint.org/corona-schleswig-holstein-kontaktbeschr-nkung/" title="corona schleswig holstein kontaktbeschränkung"> <img width="135" height="93" alt="corona schleswig holstein kontaktbeschränkung" src="https://applypaint.org/upload/image/10.jpg" data-src="https://applypaint.org/corona-schleswig-holstein-kontaktbeschr-nkung/imager_1_27607_100.jpg" class="attachment-hitmag-thumbnail size-hitmag-thumbnail wp-post-image lazy"/> </a> </div> <div class="hms-details"> <h3 class="hms-title"><a href="https://applypaint.org/corona-schleswig-holstein-kontaktbeschr-nkung/">Corona schleswig holstein kontaktbeschränkung</a></h3> <p class="hms-meta"><time class="entry-date published">13:59, 19/11/2021</time></p> </div> </div> <div class="hms-post"> <div class="hms-thumb"> <a href="https://applypaint.org/windows-10-product-keys/" title="windows 10 product keys"> <img width="135" height="93" alt="windows 10 product keys" src="https://applypaint.org/upload/image/8.jpg" data-src="https://applypaint.org/windows-10-product-keys/imager_1_4448_100.jpg" class="attachment-hitmag-thumbnail size-hitmag-thumbnail wp-post-image lazy"/> </a> </div> <div class="hms-details"> <h3 class="hms-title"><a href="https://applypaint.org/windows-10-product-keys/">Windows 10 product keys</a></h3> <p class="hms-meta"><time class="entry-date published">00:42, 22/11/2021</time></p> </div> </div> <div class="hms-post"> <div class="hms-thumb"> <a href="https://applypaint.org/adresse-philipp-lahm-tegernsee/" title="adresse philipp lahm tegernsee"> <img width="135" height="93" alt="adresse philipp lahm tegernsee" src="https://applypaint.org/upload/image/6.jpg" data-src="https://applypaint.org/adresse-philipp-lahm-tegernsee/imager_1_21709_100.jpg" class="attachment-hitmag-thumbnail size-hitmag-thumbnail wp-post-image lazy"/> </a> </div> <div class="hms-details"> <h3 class="hms-title"><a href="https://applypaint.org/adresse-philipp-lahm-tegernsee/">Adresse philipp lahm tegernsee</a></h3> <p class="hms-meta"><time class="entry-date published">04:01, 06/11/2021</time></p> </div> </div> <div class="hms-post"> <div class="hms-thumb"> <a href="https://applypaint.org/was-kommt-nach-trillionen/" title="was kommt nach trillionen"> <img width="135" height="93" alt="was kommt nach trillionen" src="https://applypaint.org/upload/image/10.jpg" data-src="https://applypaint.org/was-kommt-nach-trillionen/imager_1_2588_100.jpg" class="attachment-hitmag-thumbnail size-hitmag-thumbnail wp-post-image lazy"/> </a> </div> <div class="hms-details"> <h3 class="hms-title"><a href="https://applypaint.org/was-kommt-nach-trillionen/">Was kommt nach trillionen</a></h3> <p class="hms-meta"><time class="entry-date published">18:18, 08/11/2021</time></p> </div> </div> <div class="hms-post"> <div class="hms-thumb"> <a href="https://applypaint.org/e-mail-an-amazon/" title="e-mail an amazon"> <img width="135" height="93" alt="e-mail an amazon" src="https://applypaint.org/upload/image/10.jpg" data-src="https://applypaint.org/e-mail-an-amazon/imager_1_10477_100.jpg" class="attachment-hitmag-thumbnail size-hitmag-thumbnail wp-post-image lazy"/> </a> </div> <div class="hms-details"> <h3 class="hms-title"><a href="https://applypaint.org/e-mail-an-amazon/">E-mail an amazon</a></h3> <p class="hms-meta"><time class="entry-date published">00:17, 07/11/2021</time></p> </div> </div> <div class="hms-post"> <div class="hms-thumb"> <a href="https://applypaint.org/zum-ersten-mal-sex/" title="zum ersten mal sex"> <img width="135" height="93" alt="zum ersten mal sex" src="https://applypaint.org/upload/image/9.jpg" data-src="https://applypaint.org/zum-ersten-mal-sex/imager_1_792_100.jpg" class="attachment-hitmag-thumbnail size-hitmag-thumbnail wp-post-image lazy"/> </a> </div> <div class="hms-details"> <h3 class="hms-title"><a href="https://applypaint.org/zum-ersten-mal-sex/">Zum ersten mal sex</a></h3> <p class="hms-meta"><time class="entry-date published">11:51, 28/11/2021</time></p> </div> </div> <div class="hms-post"> <div class="hms-thumb"> <a href="https://applypaint.org/kino-auf-das-leben/" title="kino auf das leben"> <img width="135" height="93" alt="kino auf das leben" src="https://applypaint.org/upload/image/9.jpg" data-src="https://applypaint.org/kino-auf-das-leben/imager_1_21728_100.jpg" class="attachment-hitmag-thumbnail size-hitmag-thumbnail wp-post-image lazy"/> </a> </div> <div class="hms-details"> <h3 class="hms-title"><a href="https://applypaint.org/kino-auf-das-leben/">Kino auf das leben</a></h3> <p class="hms-meta"><time class="entry-date published">08:41, 13/11/2021</time></p> </div> </div> <div class="hms-post"> <div class="hms-thumb"> <a href="https://applypaint.org/corona-live-ticker-hessen/" title="corona live ticker hessen"> <img width="135" height="93" alt="corona live ticker hessen" src="https://applypaint.org/upload/image/7.jpg" data-src="https://applypaint.org/corona-live-ticker-hessen/imager_1_6696_100.jpg" class="attachment-hitmag-thumbnail size-hitmag-thumbnail wp-post-image lazy"/> </a> </div> <div class="hms-details"> <h3 class="hms-title"><a href="https://applypaint.org/corona-live-ticker-hessen/">Corona live ticker hessen</a></h3> <p class="hms-meta"><time class="entry-date published">00:38, 08/11/2021</time></p> </div> </div> <div class="hms-post"> <div class="hms-thumb"> <a href="https://applypaint.org/quer-denken-tv-youtube/" title="quer-denken.tv youtube"> <img width="135" height="93" alt="quer-denken.tv youtube" src="https://applypaint.org/upload/image/6.jpg" data-src="https://applypaint.org/quer-denken-tv-youtube/imager_1_20593_100.jpg" class="attachment-hitmag-thumbnail size-hitmag-thumbnail wp-post-image lazy"/> </a> </div> <div class="hms-details"> <h3 class="hms-title"><a href="https://applypaint.org/quer-denken-tv-youtube/">Quer-denken.tv youtube</a></h3> <p class="hms-meta"><time class="entry-date published">23:39, 25/10/2021</time></p> </div> </div> <div class="hms-post"> <div class="hms-thumb"> <a href="https://applypaint.org/e-mail-anschreiben-bewerbung/" title="e-mail anschreiben bewerbung"> <img width="135" height="93" alt="e-mail anschreiben bewerbung" src="https://applypaint.org/upload/image/4.jpg" data-src="https://applypaint.org/e-mail-anschreiben-bewerbung/imager_1_6636_100.jpg" class="attachment-hitmag-thumbnail size-hitmag-thumbnail wp-post-image lazy"/> </a> </div> <div class="hms-details"> <h3 class="hms-title"><a href="https://applypaint.org/e-mail-anschreiben-bewerbung/">E-mail anschreiben bewerbung</a></h3> <p class="hms-meta"><time class="entry-date published">10:48, 06/11/2021</time></p> </div> </div> </div><!-- .hitmag-category-posts --> </section> </aside><!-- #secondary --> </div><!-- .hm-container --> </div><!-- #content --> <!----------footer--------------> <div id="footer"> <a href="https://applypaint.org">Startseite</a> <a 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